The Broncos had a secret interview with Jim Harbaugh: The door is not closed for a return to the position of coach

The Broncos had a secret interview with Jim Harbaugh: The door is not closed for a return to the position of coach

Despite publicly announcing he would return to football in Michigan, Jim Harbaugh continues to attract interest from the Denver Broncos.

The sudden lack of interest in Sean Payton from the Denver Broncos side didn’t make much sense. Then, a reporter from New Orleans suggested that the interview process with the Broncos was more complex than it looks. Something was not normal, but what Something was unclear.

Until now, it seems. Apparently, the Denver Broncos (specifically: Broncos owner and CEO Gren Penner) continued to pursue Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh in relative secrecy, traveling to Ann Arbor to woo the coach. leader and keep the door open for an NFL return. This was reported by Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero early Sunday morning.

It comes after Harbaugh told Michigan President Santa Ono that he intended to return to coach the Wolverines. about two weeks ago.

Here is what the report from the pair of journalists says:

A source close to Penner said no offers were made during this week’s visit and he wanted to visit Harbaugh in part because he was the only candidate he hadn’t interviewed. in person. But Harbaugh stayed tuned and told people that if he were ever to come back to the NFL, the Broncos job is the one he’d want. Although Harbaugh has yet to back down from his stated intentions to stay at his alma mater, the door remains open. »

Apparently Harbaugh didn’t wear out everyone in the NFL at the moment.

The search for a head coach for the Broncos seems far from over.

Rapoport and Pelissero’s report says recent events with Harbaugh point to a broader and broader search rather than the Broncos getting closer to hiring the former NFL coach and now sought-after college leader.

The Broncos are still interested in Demeco Ryans, though the Texans seem more likely, and could reopen things with Sean Payton or even coaches who were interested in the head coach role two years ago.

It’s the first time Penner has been involved in the search for a head coach since he officially owned the team, and he seems determined to get it right.

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