Rising star of the day: Pauline Lammerant (Hamak digital marketing)

Rising star of the day: Pauline Lammerant (Hamak digital marketing)

Pauline Lammerant (she, she, her), editor, Hamak digital marketing

Photo credit: @Nell Pfeiffer

  • Your motto: as John Lennon said, “In the end, everything will be fine. If it doesn’t, it’s not the end.”
  • Who do you idolize? : right now, Hermione Granger (I’m doing the whole Harry Potter saga again), for her mythical lines and PARDON, but luckily she was there to save the lives of Harry and Ron in each episode!
  • How do you stand out? : with my passion for rhymes – my colleagues call me the “agency slammer”, for me if it doesn’t rhyme, there’s no way it will set the mood!!
  • Red pill or blue pill? : both at once and we see what happens?
  • Your Instagram account: @pauline_lamm


I am Belgian, born in Luxembourg, but I grew up in France. From there, it was already going well to make me a little globetrotter.

As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed writing and playing with words. When I was little, I started a music group with my older brother Lucien and we regularly performed in front of a delirious audience (my other brother Antoine and my parents!). I composed my own songs based on “les chevaaaaux, quoi de plus beau” (always rhyme, it’s important) and I really liked that.

Growing up, I explored other ways to develop what was gradually becoming a real passion. After getting my baccalaureate (the equivalent of the DEC), I chose studies in communication/marketing with a BTS, a license (the equivalent of a Quebec baccalaureate this time) then a master’s degree. Alongside my training, I multiply the opportunities to write and try my hand at different formats, sometimes for a news webzine (Maze), sometimes for a cultural magazine (Let’s Motiv) as a volunteer or freelance writer. .

With my diploma in hand, I made the bet to go to Quebec to get started in the world of work. I thought agencies were out of reach with a ton of bias in mind. So I first turned to project management (organization, another of my passions) and I had the chance to take on the role of coordinator in animation studios. Only then, after a year and a half and a pandemic, the desire to create caught up with me and I decided to get started.

A few emails later (many actually, oops!), I integrated Astor, a human-sized agency that immediately inspired me with confidence. I can never thank enough Sabrina Belval and Alexis Fillion for giving me my chance. By their side, I discovered what agency life could be like and truly learned the job of marketing writer. Another (huge) stroke of luck, I was trained by a great mentor, Alexandre Turcottewho has since created her own specialized agency on TikTok, Heyah.

A year later, I had the opportunity to join Hamak. I had been following the agency for some time, as much to tell you that I jumped to the ceiling when I saw the message of Myriam, talent and culture manager, appear in my inbox. And now, it’s been a year since I had the great pleasure of being part of the team. On a daily basis, I write blog articles, content for our clients’ social networks, I participate in the development of strategies, I create texts optimized for the natural referencing of the websites we design. I have the feeling of constantly evolving under the benevolent advice of my two leads, Juliet MarzanoContent Director, and Alexis LesotSEO strategist.

And unwinding the thread of my journey, I realize how lucky I am to have been and to be surrounded by colleagues who have become·e·his friend·e·s who are just waiting to see me shine. (#risingstar)


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