[La Créa de la semaine] "The Atol family", the optician's new campaign - Budgets > Agencies

[La Créa de la semaine] “The Atol family”, the optician’s new campaign – Budgets > Agencies

Each week, the editorial staff deciphers the media campaign of a brand, a brand or an institution. See you today with the campaign, “La famille Atol”, launched by Atol and orchestrated by the Romance agency.

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The brand continues its communication on TV, after the success in terms of image, of its saga around forties. This time it’s the family as a whole who is represented and who decides to equip himself with the appropriate mounts. Their life will change for the better.


The Romance agency continues to speak out with the brand and launches a new advertising saga. In the emotional line of previous opuses, this new film now goes beyond the representation of forties and their presbyopia and broadens the representation of the target to the whole family and its various sight problems : presbyopia, myopia, dyslexia… The “little youngest” then comes to recount with piquancy the upheavals experienced on a daily basis within his lively and warm family who rediscover the world in a new light. A slightly blundering presbyopic father, a myopic mother and grandmother, a farsighted big brother always at the back of the class, an astigmatic sister who is an expert on social networks and a mischievous little brother… A whole family finds a new sight and a new life. movies playing on registers of authenticity and humour. The chosen format provides for a 45-second film, followed by new 20-second formats that will develop each character and gradually strengthen the attachment of the French to this family. “With this campaign, we want to assert ourselves as the optician who best understands French families in terms of seeing well and well-being,” concludes Éric Plat, CEO of Atol les Opticiens.


Visibility campaign aimed at winning over a wider, more family-oriented audience, beyond the forties.

The opinion of Philippe Pinel, creative director of the Romance agency:

“Romance has been supporting Atol opticians for 5 years now. Our previous campaigns, aimed at people in their forties who were feeling the first signs of presbyopia, met with great success both in ATOL stores and in the hearts of the French. This year, we have decided to broaden our target by addressing all those who are potentially victims of vision problems: that is to say, everyone. Which is no small feat. We saw the opportunity to launch a new saga featuring all the changes that occur in the daily life of a family who finally decides to take care of their eyesight. This series, launched by a 45s film featuring the ATOL family as a whole, really comes to life through short 20-second “episodes” that each focus on the life of one of the characters. Camélia Rélier Baccouche (CR) and Claire Croteau (DA) have managed to create characters that are true and endearing, because they are perfectly imperfect. The saga will continue on TV, but also on other media since our characters are already “live” on the radio, and on the billboards of the Quotidien show. If this launch is a new step in Atol’s communication, it seemed necessary to us to keep the ingredients that made the success of the previous opuses: complicity, connivance and sincerity to continue to weave an emotional and human link between the brand and the French. »

Campaign: “The Atol family”

Advertiser: Atol

Agency: Romance

Broadcast: Since January 15, 45-second TV campaign, followed by a 20-second format.

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