#FocusMarketing Salesforce - 8th edition: what will be the major concerns of marketers in 2023?

#FocusMarketing Salesforce – 8th edition: what will be the major concerns of marketers in 2023?

Salesforce has just unveiled the results of the 8th edition of its “Marketing Focus”. So how do marketers apprehend this new year which promises to be quite complex? What will be their priority actions?

“In the field of marketing, three major challenges loom on the horizon: reinvent the customer relationshipwhich must be ever more personalized and in real time, achieve business goals with limited means because of inflation, and more than ever, affirm the values ​​of your company and participate in the creation of a just and sustainable future”, announcement in the introduction of the study Sarah FranklinPresident and CMO of Salesforce

Among the main lessons of this new study:

Marketers are indeed preparing for a complex year 2023marked by budgetary restrictions.

– Investments in tools and technologies are made to offer a multi-channel brand relationship, a vector of loyalty: 83% of marketers say their organization engages customers in real time across one or more channels.

1rst party data collection takes center stagein view of the upcoming disappearance of third-party cookies: 68% say they have a strategy for collecting first-party data.

– Measuring your campaigns in real time has become a prerequisite to adjust marketing actions and committed budgets as closely as possible: 72% of marketers know how to measure and adjust their campaigns in real time.

Companies now rely on their values ​​to communicate : aware that customers want to find their values ​​in the brands they buy, 85% of marketers say their external communications reflect company values.

Thus, in a ddouble logic of performance and profitability, 87% of professionals surveyed say their work provides more value today than a year ago.

While on the customer sideexpectations are high in terms of reassurance and trust from companies: 88% of customers think trust is more important in times of change.

New tactics are therefore initiated by the CMOs whose targeting new customer segments, offering digital experiences or even organizing virtual and hybrid events.

Moreover, the quest for a unified customer vision continues, always with a view to better contextualizing and personalizing interactions with the brand. Especially since email remains the dominant communication channel (84% of messages sent in Q2 2022) even if over time the notifications push and SMS are gaining ground (from 3% in Q1 2020 to 16% in Q2 2022). As for the use of artificial intelligence, it makes it possible to intensify efforts in terms of “customer centricity” : automated customer interactions, personalization of the customer journey on all channels, resolution of customer identity, push of the best offers in real time, etc. Thereby, 68% of marketers say they have defined an AI strategy, up from 60% in 2021.

“In an unfavorable economic context with new privacy regulations, expectations of marketing teams to satisfy customers are multiplied. Personalizing the customer experience is essential and requires a lot of qualified data. In 2023, marketers will use on average 18 different data sources, compared to 15 in 2021”, says Sébastien Zins, Cloud Marketing Director at Salesforce France, in a press release.

Finally, regarding investments in the Web3, 46% of marketers surveyed admit that they do not yet have a dedicated strategy but that they plan to develop one in the future, mainly on virtual productson the use of virtual or augmented reality or about cryptocurrencies.

Study methodology: Survey conducted by an independent firm in the 3rd quarter of 2022 among 6,000 marketing decision-makers, managers, vice-presidents and CMOs, in 35 countries and 6 continents. In France, 250 professionals were questioned.

Learn more : full report of the study Focus on marketing – 8th edition



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