Circular economy: Origami Marketplace raises 2.3 million euros - Retail Strategy > Retail

Circular economy: Origami Marketplace raises 2.3 million euros – Retail Strategy > Retail

The company specializing in the circular economy announces a fundraising of 2.3 million euros and bringing together more than 40 investors. Among them, The Moon Venture, made up of top executives and entrepreneurs, the BPI and the CIC.

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Origami Marketplace raises, for the first time, 2.3 million euros to accelerate its conquest of the circular economy market. Independent since the creation of their company in 2015, the three founders of Origami Marketplace, Julien Bruitte, Alexandre Duquenoy and Vincent Pichon, have chosen today to surround themselves with investors to accelerate the growth of the company and continue to make retailers and brands aware of the second-hand market. Marketplace operator since 2012 and e-merchant for several years, Origami Marketplace wants to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s consumption, a more responsible consumption but also more complex in flow management.

Continuing the mission of implementing impactful actions

This fundraising of 2.3 million euros and bringing together more than 40 investors (The Moon Venture, made up of Senior Executives and Entrepreneurs, the BPI and the CIC. We find in particular entrepreneurs such as Dior Decupper, former CEO of Seita and CEO of Meatless Farm, Éric Lamort de Gail, former marketing director of Colgate Palmolive, and Matthieu Jarry, director of The Moon Venture. “Above all, we wanted to bring on board entrepreneurs on whom we could rely in terms of advice, challenges or even market insights, investors who shared the Origami Marketplace DNA. This is why our choice was naturally turned towards a structure like The Moon Venture with a real “smart money” positioning”, comments Julien Bruitte, co-founder of the company.

Accelerate growth and recruit and offer new services

Origami Marketplace supports more than 25 customers in France and abroad via a white label solution allowing companies to deploy and operate a circular economy platform responding to new consumer issues. With these 2.3 million euros, the company has set itself several objectives: to accelerate its growth (growth of more than 70% per year), Origami Marketplace wishes to almost triple it and achieve 200% growth in 2023 Origami Marketplace will evolve its model with the addition of services offered to active and future customers. The company wants to improve the experience of end consumers by creating additional bricks such as the management of unsold products or the certification of products. The founders wish to accentuate the presence of the platform by activating it on the websites of major accounts. A strong specialization of the marketing axis via the deployment of more means to better structure the approaches, in particular on the large accounts and with the major brands and signs. Finally, deepen exchanges with ESNs to accentuate the presence of Origami Marketplace alongside them.

With more than 20 recruitments in 2023, the company wishes to strengthen and structure its teams, currently made up of 19 people. Recruitment efforts will be made with the sales team with the aim of tripling the workforce and with the marketing division to deploy strategic projects.

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