[Tribune] Don't say influence anymore, choose "cleanfluence" instead - Monitoring and Tribune > Influences

[Tribune] Don’t say influence anymore, choose “cleanfluence” instead – Monitoring and Tribune > Influences

The number of followers of social networks continues to grow in France and now stands at 53.50 million users*, or 80.3% of the population. The latter devote 1 hour 46 minutes of their time to it every day, ie 5 minutes more than last year.

As you will have understood, nothing less surprising in view of these few figures that marketing influence is an exponential lever and that 78% of the Marketing Departments questioned within the framework of the annual study of the UDM and the ARPP have been able to declare that they want to increase their investments on this lever in 2022. However, although influence marketing is experiencing exponential annual growth, a number of potentially deceptive practices come erode advertiser and consumer confidence. Fortunately, transparency and CSR can now easily be integrated into an Influence Marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing and its flaws

Are you an advertiser? Partnering with a bad content creator can be counterproductiveor even totally harmful to the image of the brand.

Until then, nothing new under the sun will tell you. It would then be appropriate to highlight a certain number of unethical or responsible practices to better assess the pitfalls into which you must not fall. But we will not do it in this forum, the list would certainly be too long and you must certainly already know them.

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If we can only disapprove of such behavior or practices, it should however be emphasized that an influencer is in no way a journalist and that in essence his approach to an issue is intended to be more personal. In fact, the latter is not subject to the same constraints as press professionals and thus does not meet the same duty of integrity or impartiality enshrined in a code of ethics.

However, today there are safeguards to practice a more ethical and responsible influence. We are not in the ruthless world of Dallas and no, not all influencers can wear the rotten costume, quite the contrary.

Cleanfluence, responsible & ethical influence

The influence market has, according to some, still not begun its ecological or ethical transition. This is however false.

First of all, the professional advertising regulatory body (ARPP) launched the Responsible Influence certificate last year. The purpose of the latter is simply to avoid abuses for more transparency, especially around product placements. By attending a 2h30 online training to make them aware of ethical or legal protocols on sensitive subjects such as betting, the environment, health and so on, influencers can validate the latter after giving 75% of good answers to a MCQ.

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To go even further, the ARPP has even added a module dedicated to the environment. No more influencers photographed in a polluting 4X4 to promote a pair of sunglasses! Do you still doubt it? Rest assured, the ARPP ensures compliance with the commitments of certified influencers. Suffice to say that we now only collaborate with these certified influencers.

At the same time, we encourage those who are not yet on this path to start a professional relationship with us. Finally, to respond to those who believe that promotional content created with influencers promotes digital pollution, know that some agencies have developed tools to measure the carbon impact of a campaign and thus the possibility of offsetting their footprint to contribute to carbon neutrality. Of course, it is understood that carbon offsetting cannot be enough to preserve our climate and that offsetting comes in addition to upstream reduction actions.

As you will have understood, the Influence Marketing sector is structuring, evolving and laying the groundwork for new collaborative modes that are more ethical and respectful of the environment.

. For this purpose, specialized agencies have just announced last December the creation of a professional federation. Like any sector in the development phase, some unscrupulous content creators have been able to take advantage of a temporary lack of legal frameworks.

However, the role of an agency is to support advertisers to ensure their Brand Safety, the achievement of their marketing objectives while going beyond the strictly quantitative vision in favor of more qualitative influence marketing. Jean-Jacques Rousseau used to say that “one no longer asks a man if he has probity, but if he has talents”. As part of our Cleanfluence approach, we are now asking for both!



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