NFL: the power of the Chiefs or the passion of the Jaguars?

NFL: the power of the Chiefs or the passion of the Jaguars?

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If you join us on the NFL Redzone webcast on Sundays with Jasmin Leroux and Didier Orméjuste, you might have heard that Didier had his eye on the Jaguars early in the season as a potential surprise team. Unfortunately for Didier, he left the good old “bandwagon” when the Jags went 3-7 after 10 weeks of activity. Just at the wrong time!

This seventh loss was against the Kansas City Chiefs. Since then, Jacksonville has racked up seven wins in eight games, only stumbling past the Detroit Lions, itself Jasmin’s surprise team! When you know that football!

Jacksonville therefore has the opportunity to avenge this failure which, in a way, launched their real season. That day was the business of Patrick Mahomes who ended his day on the job with four touchdown passes to four different receivers. It’s a colossal job that awaits the defense of the Jags. Defense which, despite a 30 points on paper, was solid against the Chargers. Surviving five turnovers and closing the door in the second half is what Jacksonville can build on.

In the camp of the Chiefs, it is necessary to throw in the trash this result of the tenth week of activities. Beware of overconfidence! The team that comes before them could have a completely different name that it would be no more different than that of November 13, 2022. The momentum of the unthinkable comeback and a series of six straight victories, that’s what brought the Jaguars so far. A young team that has the ardor and naivety to always believe in it.

The pressure from the Chiefs’ defensive line will also have a big impact on the game. Generally effective, the Jaguars offensive line had torn against the Chiefs by allowing five quarterback sacks. All season, Jacksonville has allowed just 28 sacks, fifth in the NFL. Unfortunately for the Jags, one of the four teams to do better is Kansas City. Who says Patrick Mahomes with time, says certain danger.

One who could have a feast at the Chiefs if Mahomes isn’t annoyed is Travis Kelce. Jacksonville’s defensive unit has struggled this season against tight ends and Gerald Everett’s performance in the first round of the playoffs is nothing to reassure fans.

On paper, Kansas City are overwhelming favorites, but as the Dolphins-Bills and Ravens-Bengals duels showed us, counting a team to lose in the playoffs is talking far too quickly. So, the powerful attack of the Chiefs and all the experience of Andy Reid or the passion of the Jags and the audacity of Doug Pederson? Who will win this former Eagles head coach duel?

Prediction: Chiefs win 34-27



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