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Le président Joe Biden prononce une allocution lors d

USA: On Jewish Holidays, Joe Biden Thanks The Country’s Rabbis “For Bringing Light And Hope”

“No one in America should be afraid to go to a service or wear a symbol of their faith”

After hosting the first-ever Rosh Hashanah reception at the White House on Friday, US President Joe Biden joined a panel of rabbis and community leaders for a Zoom meeting to mark the Jewish holiday.

The event was hosted by Shelley Greenspan, the White House’s liaison with American Jewry.

Joe Biden first expressed his sympathy to those affected by Hurricane Ian across Florida. “I know this is especially difficult for so many Jewish families in Florida, who have just finished celebrating the New Year and are now experiencing the solemn atmosphere of ‘Holy Days,'” the president said.

Going on, he recounted that while she was going through a tough time about eight years ago, his wife Jill Biden hung a note on her mirror that read, “Faith sees best in the dark.”

“And that’s what you all do every day as you look through the hardships and create light in your congregations across America. It’s so important. So the main thing I want to say to you is this: thank you. Thank you,” Joe Biden said. “You give strength and hope every day of the year, and especially during this time of introspection, renewal and repentance.”

The tenant of the White House then returned to his relationship with Israel and various leaders of the country, as well as to his meeting this summer at Yad Vashem during his last trip to the Jewish state with two survivors of the Holocaust, having emigrated to America after the war. .

“They then returned to this sacred land to speak with the young people, so that the young people never forget, so that they understand. The Jewish people know better than anyone that silence is complicit. We cannot remain silent. As president, I will not remain silent,” Joe Biden said.

He spoke about his administration’s work with Congress to secure record funding for security for nonprofits, including synagogues and religious organizations. “No one in America should be afraid to go to a service or to school, or walk down the street wearing a symbol of their faith,” the president said. .



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