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Le marketing d’affiliation avec Facebook

How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing with Facebook?

How to be able, thanks to Internet, to generate money? If you are one of those who ask this question, know that it is possible thanks to affiliate marketing with Facebook.

4 Steps to Do Affiliate Marketing with Facebook

Facebook is the largest social platform with nearly 3 billion users. It is a good platform if you are new to affiliate marketing. Because the more people you reach, the more you have the chance to make a better conversion and have enough customers. So how do you go about doing affiliate marketing with Facebook successfully? Here are 4 steps that you could follow like this book author Christine André who chose to identify groups related to the theme of her book in order to directly reach prospects and thus facilitate conversion and boost sales of her book “Chadna un not ordinary dog“.

Set up your Facebook page

You need a standard Facebook business page if you want to advertise and reach the most prospects. You want to know how to set up your Facebook page, follow the following steps to achieve it:

  • Choose a catchy name for your page that fits your theme;
  • Make a good choice of profile photo and take a professional cover photo that illustrates your theme well;
  • Make a good description of your page and take care to put the means to contact you. You can put Messenger or Whatsapp contact buttons.

Creating a well-referenced Facebook page costs nothing. Create one to have a channel through which to nurture your audience instead of using your personal account to spam your friends. This channel will help your brand and grow your business.

chadnd a dog like no other

Have a Facebook page with a specific theme

If you want to reach a quality and non-volatile audience, you must choose a specific theme on your Facebook page. This allows your audience to see a certain quality and expertise in it. If you are generalist, your audience will be volatile and conversion will be a little more difficult for you. Your publications must be really interesting and related to your editorial line. So you collect likes and people share your posts. This allows you to interest your audience and reach more people. Also create a group to allow interaction with other Internet users and allow them to express themselves on the same subject that you are developing on your Facebook page. The more members you have in this group, the more your posts are likely to be liked and shared.

Interest your audience

After creating your niche, you need to put quality content into it that will interest your audience. Don’t start with links and ads that annoy your audience. Engage with your audience by hosting your audience regularly. Make your Facebook page your favorite hobby and keep it up to date. You must put information that interests them. When you place your ad, your Facebook audience will take care to consult it. Spend 80% content for 20% advertising. There you will have the chance to hang them.

Advertise and promote Facebook

You can now swing your ad using paid Facebook ads also called Facebook ADS. This will prove to be very effective for your affiliate marketing. You attract traffic to your page or blog that hosts your affiliate links. When you drive leads to your site, you can get them to action with copyrighting. At the same time you can do emailing by collecting their email addresses. Facebook advertising will cost you money but you can quickly make a profit.



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