Squad, Draft and goals for the season

Squad, Draft and goals for the season

To dawn of the 2022 season, We Sport looks back on the situation of the 32 NFL franchises. Today, focus on San Francisco 49ers, able to do as well as in 2021 with another quarterback ?

The balance sheet of San Francisco 49ers last season

Finalist in 2019, San Francisco had missed its 2020 exercise and was looking for a rebound last year, hoping not to be bothered by too many injuries. And the way we can tell is that the 49ers surprised. Third in the very tough NFC West despite a very positive balance sheet, the Californians hung a wild cards to find the playoffs. Impressive, but not as impressive as Kyle Shanahan’s men’s playoff run. Seeded No. 6, San Francisco will take out the Cowboys then the Packers in quick succession – the best record in their conference, before being eliminated on the wire by the Rams, future champions. Encouraging performances after a ruined 2020 season and at the dawn of a 2022 financial year full of promise.

The movements of the off-season

Very (too?) calm off-season in the Bay, where the red thread was the possible departure of Deebo Samuel, finally extended for three seasons by his franchise. Besides that, San Francisco suffered mainly from the loss of two starters on the offensive line, Laken Tomlinson and Alex Mack, losses that were not directly compensated in the spring. The 49ers have also focused their recruitment on the secondarywhere the lack of talent was felt, by fetching Charvarius Ward and signing George Odum, who should replace Jaquiski Tartt, not retained.

In addition, San Francisco let slip Raheem Mostert, absent almost all of last season, and compensated for his departure by extending Jeff Wilson and drafting Tyrion Davis-Price in the third round. We will also note the selection of Drake Jackson during this same draft, which comes to densify one of the best pass rush of the league.

Major arrivals: WR Ray-Ray McCloud (Steelers), S George Odum (Colts), CB Tankvarius ward (Chiefs)

Notable departures: DT DJ Jones (broncos), VS Alex Mack (Retirement), RB Raheem Mostert (dolphins), OG Laken Tomlinson (Jets), S Jaquiski Tartt (Eagles)

Extensions: WR Deebo Samuel, CB Jason Verrett, RB Jeff Wilson

Draft*: LB drake jackson (USC), RB Tyrion Davis Price (USC), WR Danny Gray (EMS)

* Only the players selected during the first two days are mentioned.

The number of San Francisco 49ers 2022/2023

With the exception of the departure of Laken Tomlinson on the offensive line and the arrival of Charvarius Ward on the back lines, the roster of the 49ers is essentially the same as in 2021. With one exception: the position of quarterback should being occupied by Trey Lance and no longer by Jimmy Garoppolo, a fact that could change the entire attack of San Francisco. To surround his young pitcher, Kyle Shanahan will be able to rely on Deebo Samuel, his main offensive weapon, as well as Trent Williams, one of the best left tackles of the league when not injured. Lance will also be able to rely on a committee of successful runners, in which Elijah Mitchell and Trey Sermon appear in particular.

If the attack will depend a lot on the level of Trey Lance and the creativity of Kyle Shanahan, the defense will be able to rely on an excellent front seven. San Francisco has two excellent inside defensive linemen in Javon Kinlaw and Arik Armstead, but also one of the best pass rushers out of the league with Nick Bosa; without forgetting Fred Warner on the second curtain, a real driving force in this very efficient defense. The secondary acts as a weak point, Charvarius Ward being, by far, the best element.

Also note that San Francisco has one of the best kicker / punter duos in the entire NFL, with veteran Robbie Gould and Australian Mitch Wishnowsky.

San Francisco 49ers : Ambitions and ranking

With a healthy roster, the 49ers can aim high for the upcoming season. If many doubts surround the franchise, in particular the level of defense against the pass or the ability of Trey Lance to be precise behind a weakened offensive line, the Californians showed last year that they were capable of surprising and go far in the playoffs even when you don’t expect them. The NFC West remains one of the most raised divisions, but it is far from utopian to think that San Francisco is able to win it and pass several rounds of playoffs. Still, all of this will heavily depend on Trey Lance’s ability to take on his starting role.

Player to watch: Trey Lance

After a season spent warmly on the bench behind Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance should take power this season in San Francisco. Previewed on a few pieces of the game last year, this double threat quarterback seems to stick to the precepts of Kyle Shanahan’s game. Not necessarily reassuring about his precision in the pass during his rookie season, he will have to dispel doubts quickly in a franchise that is coming out of a conference final and which will aim for the title in an ultra-competitive division.

The calendar of San Francisco 49ers in 2022

Week 1

@Chicago Bears

Week 2

vs Seattle Seahawks

Week 3

@Denver Broncos

Week 4

vs Los Angeles Rams

Week 5

@ Carolina Panthers

Week 6

@ Atlanta Falcons

Week 7

vs Kansas City Chiefs

Week 8

@Los Angeles Rams

Week 9


Week 10

vs Los Angeles Chargers

Week 11

@Arizona Cardinals

Week 12

vs New Orleans Saints

Week 13

vs Miami Dolphins

Week 14

vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 15

@Seattle Seahawks

Week 16

vs Washington Commanders

Week 17

@ Las Vegas Raiders

Week 18

vs. Arizona Cardinals

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