Kevin Durant face à la presse

Kevin Durant drops a big threat then deletes!

Still active on social networks, despite his trade request, Kevin Durant continues to let loose on Twitter. The quarrels with Internet users continue, in particular about his career. This Sunday, the superstar even dropped a big threat, before deleting a few minutes later.

Time is starting to get long for Kevin Durant, who still hopes to be traded and leave the Nets in the coming weeks. The limit ? Possibly the training camp which will take place late in September. A trade could always see the light of day thereafter, but it is unlikely a few weeks before the regular season. KD is hoping for good news soon, or he’ll have to squat the bench, or worse.

Indeed, the player will have to make a choice very soon. He could return to the Nets, if the franchise still wants him, to continue playing basketball. After all, we know that the Slim Reaper is a lover of the game, so we can wonder if he is ready to miss matches to support his trade. According to an ESPN insider, the star should choose another option, with a very strong choice.

Kevin Durant is confused again on Twitter!

No confirmation, but we’ll see what the player decides. In the meantime, he especially wanted to get confused again on his Twitter account, but with a slight difference. This Sunday, he did not hesitate to threaten to leave the social network, before quickly deleting the message in question. A few fans were able to take a screenshot of the tweet, before it disappeared.

Tomorrow I’m going to set a countdown so I know when I’m going to delete my twitter account, it’s ruining my legacy. Stay connected.

Is KD really going to delete his account, or is he pranking a user? Difficult to know, but we will have the answer on Monday. It might not be a bad thing for the player, who is too often scarred with a few fans.

He is obviously sarcastic

Kevin Durant is still having so much fun on his twitter account, so it would be surprising to see him delete his account. Sarcasm for many Internet users, since KD is unable to do without Twitter. Whatever happens, the player has more important things to deal with at the moment.



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