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What are the 7 most prominent environmental transition jobs?

Posted Jul 18, 2022, 7:00 AMUpdated on Jul 18, 2022 at 9:20 am

Some are emerging, others already well established in the landscape for a few years, even decades, but in full transformation. Focus on the seven professions for which the demand from recruiters is not about to dry up.

1- Carbon balance consultant

His job ? Support companies in the quantified diagnosis of their CO emissions2 and offer them an action plan to reduce them.

Its formation ? Engineer.

His pay? 40,000 euros per year at the start of his career.

His employer? A specialized or general consulting firm with a carbon footprint “practice”, or even as a freelancer.

And also : to maintain the trajectory of carbon neutrality by 2050, large companies equip themselves with an energy manager (from 60,000 to 70,000 euros) or a decarbonization manager (from 70,000 to 80,000 euros).

2- Renewable energy (EnR) project manager

His job ? Manage the development of wind or solar projects during all stages: purchasing strategy, selection of subcontractors and monitoring of contract execution in compliance with safety, quality, cost and deadline commitments.

Its formation ? Energy engineer.

His pay? Around 55,000 euros per year.

His employer? Energetician (EDF…), company specializing in renewable energies, engineering consulting firm in a team specializing in renewable energies.

3- Biodiversity project manager

His job ? Measure and evaluate the company’s impact on biodiversity, establish and monitor the action plan, possibly with an awareness component. He is sometimes also called “ecological project manager”.

Its formation ? Generally a bac +5 (engineering school or university degree) with a specialty in agronomy, biology, biodiversity or risks and environment.

His pay? Highly variable depending on experience and type of employer. From 30,000 euros for a beginner up to 50,000-60,000 euros with a few years of experience in consulting or industry.

His employer? Biodiversity study office, natural park, research organization, local authority, consulting firm, industrial company…

4- Sustainable mobility advisor

His job ? Support companies or territories in new mobility solutions for their employees or citizens. After a diagnosis of transport flows, implementation and management of the strategy, with the contribution of expertise in mobility management. They are also called “mobility engineer”, “mobility study manager” or “ecomobility adviser”.

Its formation ? Master 2 in business school, engineer or equivalent with a specialization in CSR.

His pay? From 40,000 to 50,000 euros.

His employer? A consulting firm, an association/agency specializing in ecomobility, a local authority.

5- ESG Expert

His job ? Collect, analyze, process environmental, social and governance (ESG) data. He (she) can be responsible for CSR reporting in a large group, audit this data in an audit firm or even support the development of socially responsible investment (SRI) in the financial sector.

Its formation ? Bac +5 business school finance option, engineering school, master in statistics and data science.

His pay? .

His employer? A specialized rating agency, a responsible finance or CSR consulting firm, an audit firm, the finance department of a large group…

6- Ecodesigner (ice)

His job ? Participate – in conjunction with marketing, production, etc. – in the design of products or services to ensure their minimum impact on the environment (energy, choice of raw materials, recyclability, etc.). Measure the impact of the various possible solutions.

Its formation ? From bac +3 to bac +5 (engineer or design).

His pay? From 35,000 to 40,000 euros on average.

His employer? An industrial company that integrates eco-design into its processes, in a specialized firm or as a freelancer.

7- Responsible digital manager

His job ? It defines a responsible digital roadmap (more carbon neutral). This implies in particular a more rational management of equipment and an eco-design of the services available to employees and customers.

Its formation ? A baccalaureate + 5 in computer science, engineering, commerce or sustainable development.

His pay? From 60,000 euros in a large group.

His employer? A large company, an association, an expert firm or as a freelancer.

And also :

– Sustainable/responsible purchasing manager.

– Responsible marketing manager.

– Responsible for labeling & certification.

– Expert in environmental product display.

– Environmental impact project manager.

– Chief Impact Officer.

On the social aspect:

– Responsible for inclusion and promotion of professions (thanks to skills sponsorship, mentoring, etc.).

– Human rights expert in business.

In the ESS, two essentials:

– Professions related to advocacy to move the lines of national and international legislation.

– Professions responsible for raising funds (sponsorship positions and partnerships on the business side, or fundraising on the Internet and street marketing with individuals).

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