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NBA Embiid réagit aux résultats du MVP

Viral decision by Joel Embiid, French fans on the spot!

In a few months, we could see Joel Embiid wearing the colors of the French team. In the meantime, the big man has caught the eye with a rather symbolic move on Twitter. It didn’t take long before the tricolor supporters reacted.

If he excels on the court with the orange ball in hand, Joel Embiid is generally a big sports fan. The pivot of the Sixers notably follows Formula 1 as soon as he has the opportunity, and during the off-season in the NBA, he obviously also watches the Tour de France with attention. He notably commented on the end of the event recently, after the victory in the classification of Dane Jonas Vingegaard. All while playing the analyzes with a fine nose:

Joel Embiid now tweets in French

As such, there’s nothing fancy about the racket superstar’s post. However, one detail is obvious: it is written in French. Originally from Cameroon, Jojo certainly masters the language of Molière perfectly, but there is almost never recourse on social networks, being content to speak English. However, it turns out that this is one of his very first tweets since he was naturalized French, which will allow him to be called up to the France team in the months to come.

Could this be an attempt to get closer to the French public, moreover around a competition that is part of the greatest sporting traditions in France? No way to prove it, but the idea makes sense. The tricolor fans in any case quickly reacted to the message of the Process. Overall, they were gently mocking, believing that the person concerned was doing a little too much in order to sell himself to his new supporters:

Is Joel Embiid trying to please French fans by now writing in their language? We will have to follow his activity on social networks in the coming weeks to be sure. If so, then that would be quite an interesting tactic from the Sixer.



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