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LeBron James vient chatouiller l'unique Wilt Chamberlain !

“Too bad we never played together LeBron, we would have broken everything! »

Many people dream of being able to play with LeBron James, which is not a surprise. This is also the case of former athletes, and a leader thinks in particular that they would have formed a duo of misfortune if they had evolved together. We want to believe it!

He may have left the Cavs twice and not played there since 2018, LeBron James remains forever attached to Cleveland. He is a native of Akron, in the same American state, he did his high school education in the region and he played a total of 11 seasons for the Ohio squad. The prize list is enormous: two MVPs, two titles of best scorer in the league and of course, the champion ring acquired in 2016 as a high point. Difficult to do more for his native land!

In fact, it is not uncommon for the Chosen One to speak about the Cavaliers, paying homage to the legends of the franchise for example. This is what he did recently, by dropping a big message to Mark Price, one of the biggest names in its history. The ex-leader naturally saw the declaration of the future Hall of Famer pass, and decided to respond to him in stride. All while claiming that together, they would have delivered a hell of a show on the court:

Mark Price responds cash to LeBron James

James : Man, Mark Price was so strong, a real killer!
Mark Price : I appreciate the compliment, King James. Too bad we never got to play together…we would have ruined everything!

Of course, this is all fantasy and nothing more, much to the regret of Cleveland fans, however. Indeed, such a tandem could indeed have been able to wreak havoc on the grounds.

For those unfamiliar with Price, he is one of the first regular users of the three-point shooter, being able to shoot five award-winning shots per encounter. He was also a hell of a sniper, among the first to sign a season in 50-40-90 success and posting a 40.3% behind the arc in his career, as well as 90.2% from the free throw line. Only Steph Curry does better! On top of that, he was a great passer so he could have worked wonders alongside L-Train:

Mark Price and LeBron James is the assurance of having a complementary duo in scoring and capable of distributing the ball wonderfully. Suffice to say that this is a potential nightmarish duo, which unfortunately will never see the light of day. But between legends of the Cavs, we recognize each other!



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