Three essential qualities that a CEO must possess

Three essential qualities that a CEO must possess

Investors are obviously very sensitive to the qualities of CEOs. A study dating from 2020 showed that companies led by a good communicator had better resisted the first negative effects of the pandemic on share prices. This proves the impact of CEOs on investors. Be careful, however, not to rely on the first good speaker.

Assess CEO confidence

Charisma is not enough to make a good entrepreneur. It may even backfire. Fine speeches are not enough. It’s important to see that the CEO doesn’t just respond to skepticism with charisma.

Of course, it is essential for a CEO to have excellent oratory skills, but this one must not only pronounce beautiful promises, he must also keep them. An investor must thus determine the credibility of the CEO. For this, the first thing is to make sure that the CEO is indeed confident, but not too confident either.

A good speaker is an authentic speaker. His speech must therefore be at the intersection of trust and humility. He must have confidence in his company, but not too much to see the imperfections, underlines Harvard Business Review.

A good CEO should not be afraid to recognize the challenges and difficulties they will face. Rather, his role is to explain how his company intends to address these challenges.

The outspoken

The language of wood does not please anyone. A good CEO must be able to sincerely answer a question and not have ready-made answers. It shouldn’t make things pretty, but communicate reality clearly, even if it’s hard to hear.

It is good to be wary of presentations that are too neat. It’s important to be able to capture the immediacy of the message and see if the CEO is able to connect with their audience. CEOs using too much jargon are not good communicators. Tell yourself that if you do not understand his speech, you are surely not the only one. Unclear speeches should be obstacles to your confidence.

A good CEO will not only say what he wants to say, he will also say what the public needs to hear, especially when more sensitive issues are being raised. A person capable of evaluating this will be able to adapt to all his audiences and will have a better chance of succeeding in business.


It sounds silly, but a good CEO must know how to listen. If he’s not able to listen to his audience, he’s not listening to his employees, which could hurt engagement and lead his business to ruin.

A CEO so focused on the message he wants to get across that he remains deaf to outside perspectives is a real wake-up call! Unfortunately, listening is one of the hardest skills to master when the stakes are high.

As an investor, you can be demanding. If you doubt, there is no doubt, do not invest.

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