La star NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Ben Simmons, voit sa galère se poursuivre concernant son état de santé

The pressure of a Net for Ben Simmons!

Absent from the courts for a very long time now, Ben Simmons will have to wait until October to help the Nets. The roster will have changed a lot, especially since trades have yet to arrive. Not an easy situation for the player, who received a first pressure from a teammate. His return will not be a long calm river.

The Nets’ last seasons have turned into a fiasco, with a title still very far away, and a disappointing contribution for Kyrie Irving. Now it’s Kevin Durant who wants to leave the ship, which means that the entire roster, or almost, is for sale. Several players will have to leave by the end of the summer, unless negotiations continue beyond that, which is not impossible given the consideration requested by Brooklyn.

The KD soap opera could last a long time, and it is in this climate that Ben Simmons getting ready for a new season. It shouldn’t be a cakewalk, he who was already due to make his comeback in the last playoffs. He finally injured himself the day before his return, which caused deep anger among some fans. We can say it: his first match in October will be hell.

Seth Curry is already warning Ben Simmons!

Whether at home or away, the former Sixer will logically have some pressure for his return to the courts. He will not only have to reassure on his level, but above all convince after an important trade, containing James Harden, to bring him to the Big Apple. Seth Curry, still in the workforce, preferred to warn his teammate in recent media.

I don’t know exactly what he went through mentally, so it’s hard to talk about it from my side. But having had a year away from the courts, a break, playing basketball, especially in 5vs5, it may take time for him. He’s going to have to relearn how to play under this pressure, this level of play. I know he’s a special talent, and the Nets will need him.

After such a long absence, Simmons will logically need time, indeed. Fans are hoping he’s had the chance to work on his game, especially his shooting. Otherwise, we can be sure that criticism will come quickly for the player, including in Brooklyn.

So much the better. Maybe he will have had time to work on his three points so as not to disappoint us.

Ben Simmons will be under pressure for his return, and Nets fans will be no exception. The player will have to hold on mentally, because there will be a lot of expectations on him, especially after this very complicated summer in the Big Apple. We are curious to see that.



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