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Influence en marketing

the point of view of advertisers in 2022

Influence in marketing is a hot topic for advertisers in 2022. JI spoke with Guillaume Doki Thonon so that he could present to me, like last year, the Reech study on this subject. This study concerned this year 600 interviewed professionals of marketing, communication, social media, with a change of weight since this is the first time that advertisers have been interviewed there.

Influence in marketing: the point of view of advertisers in 2022

Influence in Marketing 2022: For the first time, Reech interviewed advertisers on their point of view

The original idea of ​​the first Reech study in 2017 was to shed light on the many assumptions about influencers: “No, not all influencers have millions of followers, not all earn millions of ‘euros, don’t all talk about fashion and beauty.

influence in marketing
Reech Influencer Marketing Infographic – 2022 Study

In 2021, Guillaume told us that only 6% of content creators earn more than 20,000 euros per year. There are 150,000 influencers in France, less than 500 are reality TV stars, and of these, only about fifty live in Dubai.

Influence is a serious subject that serves brands, it is the advertisers interviewed who say so.

In this interview conducted at Visionary Marketing, Guillaume gave three tips to marketers who want to get the most out of influencer marketing for their brands:

  1. give time to time
  2. Influence in marketing is a data business, and you must therefore be equipped
  3. Carefully choose the influencers you want to work with

1st observation: the growth of the influence marketing market

74% of respondent advertisers have already implemented an influencer marketing campaign in the previous two years. And influencer marketing continues to attract advertisers:

Almost 80% of advertisers want to do influencer marketing in the next two years

It’s established, the influence has entered the mores.

The different fields of application of influence

Marketing influence serves brands, this is what emerges from this study.

Today, advertisers use influencer marketing a lot for the notoriety.

Advertisers are more than 90% to use influence marketing for notoriety purposes

They will also work brand preferenceso this is the entry into the conversion funnel.

marketing influence
The Good Old Sales Funnel Still Makes Money, Including Influencer Marketing

Some advertisers will use influencer marketing in HR considerations, employer brand, especially to recruit new talent.

We also observe a growing number of CSR campaigns to get people talking about their brand from a corporate point of view.

HR influence is also an area that attracts advertisers.

The influencer is a great guidance counselor

“Nothing better than an influencer to talk about a profession, to introduce it to a community that is present on social networks and who will be able to live this experience. We have seen campaigns where influencers accompanied truck drivers. We also set up a campaign for the Compagnons du Devoir, for example. It’s a good idea to use influencers to help people discover manual trades”, underlines Guillaume.

Are advertisers aware that influencers don’t like this term?

The influencer who brings to his community is the one who creates original content

The content creator component is extremely important in this business.

Influencers find that this term does not explain well enough what they do.

Of course they influence, but before that they create content.

When asked, more than two-thirds of influencers prefer to be called content creators.

Influence is an effective marketing lever

Is influencer marketing an effective marketing lever? “Completely for 40% of respondents, rather for 45%, Guillaume tells us.

So there is still some progress to be made in this area, unless advertisers’ expectations are a little above what reality can offer them.

Tips for advertisers to be more effective in their influencer campaigns

The first tip is to give the influence some time

When you discover a new marketing and communication lever, you have to learn how to use it well. An advertiser who is embarking on influence for the first time may not be choosing the right influencers, may be choosing them too quickly.

The figures show that seniority in influence marketing is correlated with the degree of satisfaction.

Those who started more than three years ago will find influencer marketing effective at a higher percentage than those who started a year ago.

The second piece of advice is not to go bare-handed when you start influencer marketing because it’s a data business.

Only 36% of advertisers are equipped with influencer marketing technology

When you embark on a new lever, inevitably, you need to have tools, and there are many of them today, which help to recover large masses of data.

The third tip for being effective in influencer marketing is to carefully choose your influencers

There are 150,000 influencers. If we choose very quickly, without looking at what influencers like to do, how they usually express themselves to their community, and then simply brief them on a way of working very different from what they practice, collaboration is going to be complicated.

It is better to take time to analyze what they do, and to deduce if they are the right people with whom you want to work. We can then give them much more carte blanche in the way they speak.

This had already been mentioned during the 2021 study. What particularly annoys content creators is that they are asked to do the exact opposite of what they know how to do.

Preferred influencer marketing networks

The study compared advertiser preferences, agency preferences, and the networks used by influencers.

The blog is still in the top 5 places.

Brands are turning to blogging more than influencers themselves because the blog has a certain durability of content that you don’t find on other networks, and brands appreciate long-lasting content.

  • Instagram is the influencer network today in the B2C

There is no difference between advertisers and influencers: Instagram is the preferred network for all B2C players.

  • TikTok has incredible growth

The brands surveyed indicate it as the first network on which they want to launch an influencer marketing campaign in 2022. The influencers surveyed last year also indicated TikTok as the network on which they want to register on the 12 coming months.

The gap is still quite large between Instagram and TikTok. “Will TikTok overtake Instagram? It is too early to tell. I don’t think it will be in 2022. Will TikTok have the capacity toinnovation necessary to hold and exceed in 2023 or in 2024? I don’t think anyone is in a position to say that today,” Guillaume remarks with humility.

Brands are now asking themselves exactly the same question they asked themselves three years ago when they arrived on Instagram: “the network is great, there are a lot of people. But what am I going to be able to publish? “. They go looking for influencers to sometimes do white label content because influencers are very creative.

  • Twitch, a dedicated gaming network, is entering the mainstream; The format, which is getting closer and closer to a television format, is very popular;
  • the podcasta historic network, is back in fashion, particularly among the general public;
  • Snapchat do not take ;
  • Facebook and Twitter are among the big losers;
  • pinterest, the platform that was somewhat in stealth mode for years, is still there. On Pinterest, we are in the intention to buy. When you make boards for a trip, to decorate your house, you are two clicks away from buying. What we will not necessarily find for example on TikTok, where we will work more on notoriety;
  • And always the ineffable Youtube ;
  • The arrival of Mapstra network for sharing addresses that is a bit like the new Foursquare, very interesting for tourism players.
Mapstr The new Foursquare

A big trend coming from the United States: amplification

In the United States, not a campaign comes out without amplification. Amplification is the ability for a brand to do media buying directly on content and on behalf of the creator.

This allows brands to target a wider audience and increase the reach of creator-made content. The content being more natural, it will work better.

Among the creators who have made partnerships in 2020, 45% have already practiced amplification, and only 2% are against it

Content creation is really no longer a gimmick, and is even becoming one of the main tools of marketing.

influencer marketing
Download here Marketing influence, creating value for brands – 2022 – 6th edition
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