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The owner of the Warriors cash: “Him? I will never give him so much money.”

Paying Golden State players is not that easy for leaders who have to make the right choices. In this case, owner Joe Lacob made it clear that a star player on the team would not be entitled to a big check. Nevertheless, it was in any case to be expected in his case.

If they just signed a new recruit, which should also hurt the Lakers very badly, the Warriors are not in a very favorable position salary-wise. A large part of the salary cap is occupied by the contracts of the Big Three of the Bay, which will push the franchise to pay an astronomical amount in terms of luxury tax. At the same time, not all key players will necessarily be able to be retained, due to a lack of financial means.

As a result, the leaders had to open the door to two departures, although none of them have been finalized yet. A third could however also take place, namely that of Andre Iguodala. The winger is still a free agent, and although there is a chance that he will return to San Francisco, it is not yet guaranteed. He and owner Joe Lacob have also discussed the subject together, on the podcast of Evan Turner. The opportunity for the big boss to drop a great punchline:

Joe Lacob’s punchline on Andre Iguodala

Warriors owner Joe Lacob asked Andre Iguodala if he would return next season.

Iggy “Do you want me to come back? »
Evan Turner “Dre says he wants $28 million!” »
Lacob “What he will never have in life, I can guarantee you… I have to pay all these young guys!” »

This is clear and clear, although it is said in a humorous tone. After all, it is clearly not at this stage of his career that the former Sixer can claim such an amount.

Indeed, now 38 years old and only able to play 8 minutes per game during the 2021-22 playoffs, the veteran is much closer to retirement than anything else and he is also seriously considering hanging up. right now. With four rings and a Finals MVP in 2015, he has nothing left to win. Nevertheless, Dubs fans are confident that he can still contribute next season, at least:

If Udonis Haslem is still on a roster, then Iggy has another ten years under the hood.

Retirement or return to play for Andre Iguodala? Here is all the question. What is certain is that if he stays with the Warriors, he will certainly agree to play for the minimum, in order to offer flexibility to his leaders. Back-to-back is on the line, after all.



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