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NBA Jordan n'effrayait pas Magic et Bird

“The Jordan Bulls? We would have largely beaten them”

Beating Chicago in the days of Michael Jordan was a task only a handful of teams have accomplished. However, a current star thinks that his people would have easily disposed of the Bulls… The gap would even have been double figure!

With two three-peats during the 90s (1991-93 and 1996-98), the Bulls under Michael Jordan have more than enough to be considered one of the biggest all-time steamrollers. The second hat-trick in particular was impressive, culminating in the 1995-96 season which ended with 72 regular season wins and the title. Impregnable in defense, ultra-efficient and led by His Airness in attack: the men of Windy City simply had no competition during those years.

However, that doesn’t stop some current players from viewing them with skepticism, saying the Chi-Town players could fall against a team playing in the 21st century. This is particularly the case of Draymond Green, who recently indulged in a video analysis of the series of Finals between the Bulls and the Jazz, in 1998. Interestingly, the Warrior was hardly impressed by what he saw, which prompted him to split the following observation, particularly shattering:

Draymond Green trashes Michael Jordan’s Bulls

Watching the ’98 Finals between the Bulls and Utah…I can’t help but notice that our 2017 team would have beaten those Bulls by over 10 points and the Jazz by 40 if they were to play that kind of basketball against us. And that’s why it’s stupid to compare eras.

The debate between Golden State and Chicago is reignited, the Dubs having managed to break the record for victories in the regular campaign (73-9 in 2015-16). The Dancing Bear is convinced that his people would emerge victorious from such opposition, although no one can prove it. Unsurprisingly, his declaration did not have more people and many were those who wanted to bring him back down to earth. There are fans there of course, but also former stars of the parquet floors like Richard Jefferson:

Bro, your team of 2017 is the second best team I could play against but let’s calm down!! By the way, I love that you dropped that message on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone will speak tomorrow on the air tomorrow

None of you can stop Jordan

The 2017 Warriors or the 1998 Bulls? According to Draymond Green, there is not even a debate. Unfortunately for him, we will never know anything about it, the two squads having not played at the same time. Once again, this question will remain among the “What if?” of the orange ball.



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