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monter en comp├ętence email marketing

The complete guide to developing your email marketing knowledge this summer!

For several sectors of activity, the usual pace is slowing down as summer approaches. This is the best time to take the time to deepen your knowledge and take an interest in powerful levers such as e-mail marketing. HubSpot, the CRM specialist, has put together a comprehensive guide to help you learn new skills in this area. On the program: strategic advice and application exercises!


Understand the basics of email marketing

When we turn on our computer in the morning, 80% of us have the same reflex: we check our e-mails. This number alone highlights the importance of email marketing. It allows you to easily reach your targets and promote your services and products.

Used well, this technique is effective in building customer loyalty and boosting sales. However, this requires handling the cogs of e-mailing, starting with the management and segmentation of contacts. This is an essential step to have a clean database, and thus better organize your contacts, section them into groups, obtain an overview of their preferences… In this guide, you will discover the three fundamental elements for develop a good segmentation strategy.

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With that done comes a new challenge: sending relevant emails. It’s all about timing and content: the communications sent must provide the most value possible at the right time. A company does not engage in the same dialogue with someone who has just discovered its brand as with a customer who has already made several purchases.


This ebook will give you the different steps to follow to send a relevant e-mail. From goal setting to call-to-action to design, you’ll find all HubSpot’s tips for writing captivating messages that will inspire your contacts to take action. You will be able to find out about the mistakes not to make and the right questions to ask yourself when developing your e-mail.

In addition to contact management and designing effective communications, this white paper will help you better understand email deliverability and how to grow your lead nurturing relationships.

Practice acquired skills

With HubSpot’s guide, you’ll be able to practice your skills right away. In the same way as on a vacation notebook, a small page of exercises closes each chapter. The goal is to help you retain the essentials using simple questions.

For example, it asks for the three elements that have the most impact on the opening of an e-mail or the ideal frequency for sending nurturing e-mails. Scenarios are also available to move more easily from theory to practice. At the same time, HubSpot also offers you resources to go further and further deepen your knowledge.

As you will have understood, this guide is essential for knowing the basics of e-mail marketing and designing a successful strategy. Download it for free!




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