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The best Digital Marketing solutions

The best Digital Marketing solutions

Optimize 360: Discover Completion Influence

VSCreated in 2012 by Frédéric Poulet, Optimize 360 ​​was, in its beginnings, specialized in the CHR – include Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants. Aware of the digitalization needs of companies in the sector, the agency has developed on the creation of websites, natural and paid referencing, social-media strategy, and e-reputation. Building on its success, it has now become a network of 11 franchises, spread across France, which welcome customers in all sectors of activity.

His strength ? Having developed a breakthrough innovation 2 years ago: Completion Influence. Thanks to it, Optimize 360 ​​is able to condition Google’s autocomplete, by suggesting the result of each search typed on the main engine. In just two months, companies are able to be suggested before they even see the search results. The agency not only offers notoriety to its clients, but also the possibility of capturing traffic from companies that have opted for Google ads. Also, to meet an ever-growing demand, Optimize 360 ​​is now looking for French expatriates ready to open a franchise in all European capitals.

Lazy Devs: the agency created by geeks for geeks.

Created in 2020 by Quentin Wenzinger and Nicolas Martinez, Lazy Devs is the realization of a dream, that of creating video games. It was the initial project but the duration of development of their main product led them to also offer their services in traditional development. The pandemic having helped the sector a lot, they made themselves known through the creation of websites, servers, mobile applications and, sometimes, video games.

Lazy Devs communicates internationally, for example for an Israeli company, on a play to earn mobile game, on NFTs, under Android and IOS. Lazy Devs is also in collaboration with a novelist, Eva De Kerlan, to offer a Visual Novel for young girls aged 18 to 25 with a real textual quality never before seen for this kind of game. The team even bought a VR haptic jacket for the occasion, in order to create an immersive story as possible. They also work with Radioplayer from which they develop several layers of their system.

The clientele of Lazy Devs is therefore, so to speak, very varied. At Lazy Devs there are only enthusiasts, who live from their passion and work for enthusiasts. At present they have always managed to finance their projects but they are now open to business angels to help them think even bigger. The first major project is also to come, Isekai Online, the agency’s first independent game.

Networth: optimize your marketing flows 360

When selling internationally, it is not always easy to quickly adapt marketing materials to local requirements. Adaptation difficulties, time-consuming validation cycle, management of technical imperatives… all these constraints are often the cause of extended distribution times and significant financial losses. Aware of these difficulties, Networth has created a disruptive SaaS solution: Brand-Thinking. This solution integrating a DAM – Digital Asset Management – allows companies to centralize all marketing materials, whether intended for points of sale or websites.

With its dynamic graphic charter system, a patented process, companies can obtain the different versions of the visual they need in a few minutes. Marketing teams and translators thus have access to these materials, and can modify, translate and adapt them to geographical constraints in real time. The company, for its part, can validate the new versions in a few clicks, and keep control over the media that will be set up abroad. The platform also allows you to place orders directly with suppliers, import your own media plans or even monitor and manage each marketing campaign. The Brand-Thinking platform has already won over several prestigious clients: La Redoute, L’Oréal, Coty Luxe… There is no doubt that it will find its place in all companies marketing products internationally.

Lazy Devs, Networth Platform and Optimize 360, three names to remember. We don’t know yet if they will revolutionize the world of tomorrow but one thing is certain, they are invested, passionate and want to innovate for and thanks to new technologies.



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