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the acquisition lever that seduces

the acquisition lever that seduces

While it is always more talked about by brands and advertising professionals, influencer marketing deserves more serious attention. If this acquisition lever has had the wind in its sails lately, it is because it responds to a major change in the behavior and expectations of consumers, who are increasingly sensitive and demanding of brands.

As part of the launch of its influ-ance offer and with 15 years of experience in the design and management of omnichannel digital strategies, the Parisian agency Orixa Media is delivering its vision of marketing to us today. influence, its importance for brands and best practices to adopt to make the most of this leverage.

When influence rhymes with confidence

Faced with an ever more abundant, diversified and personalized offer, the need to reach consumers with a differentiating approach has been felt. At the same time, the continual increase in the use of social networks has naturally given way to a new form of advertising, far from traditional formats: influence marketing.

The path to purchase continues to become more complex, and a significant portion of audiences using social platforms are not sufficiently convinced by traditional advertising touchpoints. To reach these Internet users who are increasingly demanding and distrustful of brands, it has become necessary to rely on trust. This confidence, the brands have found it in the link that unites their target to these personalities whose adventures they follow on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or even Twitch: the influencers.

Admired for their style, their humor, their culture, their expertise in a field or their diverse and varied talents, influencers, whether they are said to be nano, micro, macro or mega, play the role of intermediaries – and prescribers – between brands and their target.

These opinion leaders, by distributing to their audience the product or service offered by the brand with which they collaborate, not only increase their reach, but also their impact. Indeed, according to a study, the power of prescription of these new generation ambassadors would be such that influence marketing could generate an ROI 11 times higher than that of traditional forms of advertising.

Far from being limited to product placement, influence marketing is a powerful lever that can be activated for a wide variety of objectives throughout the purchase journey: notoriety, lead generation, sales…

An acquisition lever to handle with dexterity

If the potential of influence marketing in terms of commitment and reassurance is no longer to be discussed, it must, to be revealed, be part of a complete and relevant digital strategy. This lever must indeed complement a 360° marketing approach, and mobilize the same rigor in terms of targeting and brand safety as the other acquisition channels.

To achieve and exceed the objectives set, particular attention must be paid to the choice of the distribution framework and the media KPIs chosen to assess the impact of the campaign. For Orixa Media, the deployment of a successful influence marketing strategy cannot be conceived without omnichannel know-how and in-depth knowledge of the codes, issues and technologies of influence.



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