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the 8 components of an irresistible offer, Marketing and Sales

One of the most common mistakes is to go with a good product to the wrong people, or to present the wrong product to the right people.

This is why the first box of your marketing sheet, probably also the most decisive, aims to allow you toidentify your target customersthe one for which you will give everything.

Once this principle is established, you will be able to structure an offer that will excite your target market – enticing your prospects to open their purse wide and standing out from the nondescript and less well thought out proposals of your competitors.

The easiest way to find out what your prospects want is to ask them – either by conducting your own survey or through more formal market research.

Untangling the Logic of Feelings

Also note that most people don’t know what they want until they are presented with the desired solution. When asked to respond to a survey or market research, they do so logically. But these are the emotions that guide our purchases ; logic only comes to justify them in a second time. So you should not only ask questions, but also observe.

If you question a player in the luxury car market, he will tell you, only half lying, that his customers are logically looking for quality, reliability and comfort. In reality, they want to buy social status. (…)

I therefore recommend that you base your market research on the analysis of the real reasons for the wishes of the targeted customers: what are they really looking for? What are they actually buying?

See what products and categories are trending on marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

An analysis of search engine queries, to be carried out using tools such as AdWords, Google’s keyword planner, is another good solution to consider.

Finally, find out about the social media trends and specialized news sites in your sector of activity: what are we talking about? What are we reacting to?

To use these tools is to connect directly to the consciousness of the entire planet. This will give you an idea of ​​current requests, discussions, thoughts.

Create an irresistible offer

Now that you know the customers you want to reach, you need to develop your offer, the most irresistible possible, in order to present it well. Here are a few things you absolutely need to consider:

#1. The value : first think about the most crucial value you could bring to your customer. What is the desired result, the one that moves him from point A to point B, and towards which you can guide him by making your business prosper? This question should really be at the heart of your thinking.

#2. Language and jargon: if you do not belong to the middle of your target market, you must acquire its way of expressing itself, its language, its jargon. (…)

#3. A good reason : if you offer a superb offer, you must justify it. Consumers are so accustomed to being rolled in the flour that they become wary of offers that have real advantages: they seek where the scam hides. (…) Be ready to present a good, solid reason for the promotion you are doing: for example, you need to dispose of end of series, damaged stocks, overstocks… or you are moving offices, changing warehouses , empty a room before work, etc.

#4. Goodwill: combining promotions and bonuses can make your offer take off in a very simple way. It’s very smart and can dramatically increase your conversion rate. I even recommend that the value of the gifts exceed that of the main offer if possible. (…)

#5. Upsells: once your prospect is “mature” and seems in a good state of mind to make a purchase, the time has come to offer them a complementary product or service.

This is an ideal opportunity to attach a high-margin item to the offer, even if the original product is sold with a low margin. (…)

#6. The payment schedule: absolutely essential on high-end items, financing offers can convince a customer when he was about to give up on his purchase. For a property costing 5,000 dollars, an easy payment, in 12 monthly installments of 497 dollars, will have the advantage of better passing the pill. People most often calculate their expenses on a monthly basis. (…)

Encouraging cash settlements also gives customers the impression of being favored by a “discount”.

#7. Warranty :

So many consumers have been so disappointed by the lure of a bad warranty that they no longer believe any promises you might make to them. It’s nothing personal, it’s just an observation. You must ensure that purchases from your company pose zero risk to the customer, with the risk taken on you if you ever fail to deliver on your promise. “Satisfaction guaranteed” is just an ineffective, meaningless phrase. It takes concrete.

#8. Scarcity : your offer must have a character of rarity, which will encourage the potential customer to take action immediately. Consumers are much more reactive to the fear of missing out on a good deal than to the prospect of a gain. Once again, let us specify that the “good reason” for this scarcity must be real: you have no interest in simulating it. Your stocks, your time, your resources are limited. Turn all of these effective limits into business assets. (…)

Take the time to craft a better, impactful and well thought out offer. Your conversion rate will then skyrocket, as will your bottom line.

Allan Dib, author of ‘Your marketing plan in 1 page’, Pearson Editions.

The author:

Allan Dib is an Australian entrepreneur, lecturer, marketing consultant specializing in new technologies… This text is an extract from his book “Your marketing plan in 1 page: Win new customers by organizing your marketing plan on a single page”, published by Editions Pearson in June 2020, 264 pages, 24.90 euros.



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