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Dès son arrivée, Rudy Gobert annonce la couleur chez les Wolves !

Rudy Gobert has competition: “I’m going to win defender of the year this season! »

While the majority of players focus on the title with their team, others keep individual trophies in the back of their minds. At Wolves now, we imagine that Rudy Gobert will want to win the ring, but above all to recover the title of defender of the year. Nevertheless, the French must prepare: the competition is already organized.

The season is still far from resuming, the month of October being far away, but that does not prevent the players from setting their first objectives. Some are already dreaming of the title, or others are announcing a possible place in the playoffs in view of the movements of the summer. For a Rudy Gobert, we imagine that the priority remains the ring, now that he is a Wolves player, after a trade at the beginning of the month. Karl-Anthony Towns confirmed it, he who put a lot of pressure on the roster.

However, and if the Frenchman can win other prizes, he will not hesitate. We obviously think of the title of defender of the year, which went to Marcus Smart last year, with Gobzilla who finished only third, behind Mikal Bridges in second place. A small surprise, but an additional motivation for Rudy. However, as you will see, he is not the only one eyeing the DPOY.

Big ambition on the side of the Heat!

In Miami, there is a very unhappy player, namely Bam Adebayo. The player is very frustrated not to have been rewarded regarding the DPOY, he who is considered by his peers as one of the best when it comes to defending. So inevitably, there is a desire for revenge for this new season, to the point of challenging Gobert, Smart, Bridges and all the other competitors.

In a simple statement to reporter Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel in Florida, Adebayo promises to win the next DPOY title. No doubt, number 13 will give everything on the floor, and good for the Heat:

I should have won the last two defender of the year titles, that’s for sure. But I will win it this season.

Ambition for Adebayo, who is key for the Heat, which is why the Nets want him back in a trade with Kevin Durant. But Miami is keen on it, even if negotiations are underway. The interested party also has the opportunity to speak about the rumours:

It is what it is. I just control what I can control.

It doesn’t matter if he plays at the Heat or elsewhere next season, Bam Adebayo intends to give everything on the floor, with the aim of winning the title, but also that of defender of the year. Rudy Gobert and company are warned, which hopefully promises a good battle.



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