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#Retail: When the customer relationship switches to a more conversational mode - Marketing

#Retail: When the customer relationship switches to a more conversational mode – Marketing


Customer service, once considered only as a way to cushion complaints, now represents a real lever for growth and differentiation from the competition. How to put the voice of the customer at the heart of your business strategy?

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According to a recent study conducted by Zendesk, a customer relations specialist, 60% of business leaders think they deliver an ideal brand experience while 68% of consumers think the opposite, which shows that there is still too much of a gap between the strategic perception and the reality of the proposed experience.

The importance of humanizing the customer relationship

The digitization of purchasing paths leads consumers to more frequent use of conversational channels online or on mobile: in France, we see +32% on the use of instant messaging to chat with a brand and even +370% for WhatsApp in the retail sector (source Zendesk). The role of customer advisors is therefore more essential than ever: 83% of managers are aware of this, particularly on the impact they have on the retention of dissatisfied customers, but for all that, only a third of customer advisors believe they have sufficient means. to deliver a good level of response and support to questions and difficulties encountered. Here again, therefore, there are efforts to be made to support the advisers in their daily lives.

Customer satisfaction: a real business project

Still according to the same study, 72% of leaders know that customer service has become a business priority, but only 40% believe that they have implemented a real process optimization plan to date. It is therefore urgent that managers get involved in this new conversational approach, so that the customer relationship is no longer considered only as a cost center but rather as a real lever for growth: 90% of consumers are ready to pay more a product or service if there is a promise of personalized follow-up.

Alice’s Garden: the voice of the customer at the heart of the sales cycle

“With the health crisis, the number of contacts increased sharply, which led us to initiate a complete audit of our customer service. We then implemented the Zendesk solution, in order to provide a first level of FAQs that can be consulted in complete autonomy and we now refer our customers to the most relevant contact channel according to their needs (telephone, email, chatbot, etc.) We are thus in a real process of listening and understanding but also more proactive, where in particular, we inform as soon as possible of the risks of late delivery.All these first actions have had a positive impact on the quality of the relationship with our customers: we manage to recover, for example, 75% of dissatisfied customers thanks to our “Continuous Improvement” service. ” newly created, which is responsible for calling back all customers who declare themselves dissatisfied after a purchase and we have a good rate of retention of our advisers, who remain t on average 3 to 4 years,” says Eleonore Kaelin, customer relations manager at Alice’s Garden, which specializes in outdoor furnishings.

Sophie Pietremont, Marketing Director Southern Europe at Zendesk.

If you want more information on the subject, watch the replay of the Zendesk slot during Ecommerce Live.

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