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De l'intérêt de disposer d'une plateforme unique de CRM pour connecter les données et garantir une expérience client fluide

Overcoming technological complexity to improve customer relations

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital transformation of our society has accelerated by three to four years [1]forcing businesses to transform at such a rapid pace that it is almost reminiscent of the frenzy of the early Internet.

While this transformation was long overdue, its implementation does not make it so easy to address one of the greatest challenges that growing businesses have always faced: how to continue to meet the demands of its customers when they become more numerous ?

Before trying to address customer needs, you must first understand who they are, by consolidating a single and reliable source of customer data that can be exploited by technology. But in reality, many companies use complex IT systems, based on disparate data silos or older CRM software. It is difficult in this context to guarantee a harmonious customer experience between the different communication channels and points of contact…

Understand technological complexity

Julia Cames, Marketing Director France, HubSpot

The lack of technological unity in a CRM is a source of friction in the customer journey. Using the wrong tools can be very costly in the long run, especially if teams miss out on crucial information, causing them to miss sales opportunities.

Sustainable growth is only possible with a simple, consistent and seamless data ecosystem across all sales, marketing and customer relationship departments. CRM technology can then connect all the data to harness its potential and create a seamless customer experience. Today, having a unified and non-fragmented CRM is undoubtedly the main challenge for the success of organizational transformation and growth projects.

Overcome technological complexity

Even before the pandemic, companies were already using 120 tools on average [2] within the marketing department alone! While it’s true that no single software or tool can meet all of a company’s needs, it’s still essential to understand how these tools work with each other.

Before introducing a new technology, an audit of existing solutions is therefore necessary. When it comes to digital needs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each platform, each technology and each service has its own objectives and challenges. It is therefore important to understand them before embarking on a technological transformation.

Innovation being by definition endless, the audit must be done regularly to discover new ways to manage your data effectively. Who knows, this exploration may also open new horizons on applications that save employees time, save money or consolidate technologies, for the greater benefit of the customer.

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There are many passionate and innovative companies in France, determined to grow. But ignoring the complexity of technologies can be a brake on this development. Once the technology stack is understood, redefined and even simplified, companies can truly enrich the digital customer experience. The CRM can put on its new clothes. And this is the first step towards sustainable growth.

Author: Julia CamesMarketing Director France, HubSpot


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