La légende NBA des Chicago Bulls et actuel propriétaire des Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan, a vu un joueur de Chicago battre son équipe en signant un Flu Game

Michael Jordan humiliated in a Top 50 all-time!

Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest players of all time, but even he does not escape humiliation at times. Indeed, the former fullback found himself abnormally low in the Top 50 of a reputable analyst… Not sure that it pleases many people, given the crowd of worshipers of His Airness.

While some observers go so far as to deify Michael Jordan, others are conversely more skeptical of him. The former Bull may have six league titles to his name, but that doesn’t make him the GOAT in their eyes, especially when you consider the players who came after him. The best example of this is Nick Wright, who recently compiled a rather special ranking of the 50 best players in history. Small surprise, the n°23 appears there… only in third position!

MJ third in Nick Wright’s Top 50

Let us recall in passing that this Top 50 does not include any player who played mainly during the 50s and 60s. Players such as Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West or even Bill Russell have therefore been left out, although they have quite their place in these rankings. If the first two places have not yet been revealed, there is little doubt as to the identity of the two remaining men: Kareem Abdul Jabbar and of course LeBron Jameswhich is not surprising in the case of the Fox Sports journalist.

Indeed, the latter has been a fervent fan of the Chosen One for years, and it is an open secret that he makes it his favorite for the GOAT. However, only put MJ 3rd, when some of the greatest are missing in this ranking? It is a rather controversial decision, and which went very badly with worshipers of the NBA legend, unsurprisingly. The responses were therefore incredibly violent, with the guard’s fanbase demanding that he be ranked higher:

Michael Jordan 3rd? No chance that this list is valid

Once I saw Jordan was third, that ranking didn’t mean a thing.

For Nick Wright, Michael Jordan is therefore only the third best player of all time, behind LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. A way like any other to demonstrate his loyalty to the Lakers winger, we will say.



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