Klay Thompson's madness even before the start of the finals!

Klay Thompson’s madness even before the start of the finals!

Back this season after two serious injuries, Klay Thompson has returned to a very good level, to the delight of the Warriors. It must be said that the shooter is not known to be unemployed, and he proved it again even before the start of the finals, against the Celtics. Like what, the Splash Brother has an impressive work ethic.

The Warriors found their way back to the title last June, ahead of the Celtics, who had a great run. We should not be surprised to see a revenge next year, because Steve Kerr’s men have every intention of defending their title now. A mission largely possible with Steph Curry as captain, but also Draymond Green. One of the X factors of this roster? Clay Thompson.

After two serious injuries, the shooter was back this season, which delighted the supporters. The result ? We can say that it is rather satisfactory for the player, who has experienced a few heat strokes. It is clear that his galleys have left their mark, but Klay is not one to rest. Count on him to work hard this summer, always with a view to returning to his best level at the start of the school year, something to delight the world in Golden State.

Klay Thompson still so motivated for the summer!

That work ethic is perhaps one of the best in the league right now. Klay would not have returned to this level without it, as his personal trainer has just confirmed on Instagram. Thanking the player in a post, Ben Bruno revealed a funny anecdote, with a Klay who contacted him even before the start of the finals, just to prepare the ground for the summer.

It’s so good to have Klay Thompson back home. It was amazing to see him win a championship after everything he’s been through the last two seasons. He worked so hard, and then I love seeing good things happen to good people. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens after a summer of working together.

This guy gives it his all. He sent me a message two days before the start of the finals to prepare his training during the summer. That kind of commitment is very rare, and it’s part of who he is. Wednesday, he won the trophy for best comeback at the ESPYs, but Thursday morning, he is already in the gym lifting weights.

Yes, Klay Thompson is a motivated person, and his coach can confirm it by seeing him every day in training. Hopefully, that gets him back to his best, propelling the Warriors back to the top of the NBA.



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