NBA KD cash en conférence de presse

Kevin Durant’s huge flex that makes the canvas scream!

Kevin Durant knows how to be ruthless on social media, especially when it comes to calming down overzealous fans. Recently, he also split a very wild declaration, in order to demonstrate his superiority. Enough to set fire to Twitter in the second.

No one knows where will play Kevin Durant next year, he who requested his transfer. A new competitor has just entered the dance to acquire his services, but nothing says that the Nets will actually agree to separate from their franchise player. It is therefore not on this side that the double champion will have certainties… Where he has certainties, however, is that he can always count on his community of haters which remains impressive with the passing years.

Not being irreproachable by his mentality or his outings in the media, the Slim Reaper must regularly face scathing criticism against his person. The concern is that the former Warrior is not known to remain silent in these kinds of situations, having the tongue hanging out. Following a recent provocation from an Internet user, the winger responded with an ultimate trash-talking session, putting an end to any potential debate:

Kevin Durant’s savage response to criticism

NBA Memes : KD looks like the type of player who takes his ball and goes home if he loses
During : I never came onto the field with a ball, but I often left with it.

To put it into context, it’s usually the top scorer or the best player in the game who takes the ball away after the final whistle. In other words, KD reminds us that he is one of the best basketball players on the planet and that he dominates almost systematically. After all, we are talking about an MVP and four-time high scorer… difficult to argue against. As a result, his haters are reduced to responding with big spikes, but without them having any real effect after this monumental flex:

You also left with a fake ring

No wonder you used to fly, especially Finals MVPs

Moral of the story: it is better to be well prepared before going to provoke Kevin Durant, because the latter knows how to respond in a sensational way. Especially since in fact, he often had to leave the field with the match ball…



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