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Influencers, ambassadors… How to boost your marketing strategy?

Influencers, ambassadors… How to boost your marketing strategy?

In France, there are 150,000 of them using their community to promote brands, with a number of subscribers ranging from a few thousand to several tens of millions of followers. Social networks, on which consumers spend 3 hours a day, are in fact the new darling of brands. But you still have to master the codes. One of the first steps to creating a powerful marketing strategy is therefore to identify the right influencers, knowing that most of them today prefer to be called “content creators”. ” A definition often closer to what they do: create content that engages and brings added value. They are passionate people who, depending on the sector, have real legitimacy,” emphasizes Guillaume Doki-Thonon, co-founder of reechan expert agency in influence marketing, deploring the still stubborn image of the “reality TV” influencer.

“Influence must be at the crossroads of image and performance, analysis Caroline Briant, founder of the menstrual underwear brand, moodz. We are on a product that touches the intimate. Our brand had to be embodied, so that our customers would recognize themselves. » The entrepreneur, who relies on influencers with communities committed to issues of style, feminism or ecology, has made influence one of her main acquisition channels.

Micro or macro community?

In influencer marketing“there is no entry ticket as there is for a television campaignnotes Guillaume Doki-Thonon. Brands may be tempted to limit themselves to a campaign with a single influencer. But as a general rule, it is better to activate ten or twenty influencers to test the communities”.

Flagship indicator of influence marketing, the engagement rate of a community measures the interactions of users of a social network or subscribers of an account vis-à-vis a publication. “This rate is inversely proportional to the size of an influencer’s community. We have less in common with a community made up of 30 million people than when we are followed by 10,000 subscribers…. In some cases, it is better to address 100 influencers with moderate communities than an influencer who has millions of followers. This approach does not hold true in all cases, but it is often more strategic. »

Today, the market offers analysis tools that allow, through the collection of data, to filter influencers and guide their choice. “Influence is a self-regulating industry, says the founder of Reech. A community trusts the influencer. If he starts talking about a bad product, he will lose followers and will no longer be on the radar of brands. »

Content and authenticity

At the house of By Charlotte (experts in plants and indoor plants), we also opted for micro-influence, to bet on qualitative and authentic content. “Today, there is a race for content and brands are very present on social networks. It is therefore necessary to be able to stand out, valued Charles Sénaux, co-founder of the brand. We are going to look for people who are not always influencers, but strong and sharp personalities in their field who tell us their story, their relationship to decoration, etc. » The brand does not send product to influencers for a review. “We rather offer people identified by our internal teams to come and do a workshop with us, which we post on our networks or to propose a collaboration on a product. We favor long-term partnerships over one shot. »

Moodz also builds long-term relationships with certain influencers, like the ambassador programs. In this type of collaboration, the influencer, loyal to the brand, is repeatedly solicited in campaigns.

What cost for what gain?

Between financial compensation or sending products to test, the “remuneration” of influencers varies from one brand to another. As soon as there is collaboration and whatever the service of the influencer, it is better to opt for contractualization. This makes it possible to frame the transfer of image rights, the conditions and forms of remuneration, etc. “Without this, the brand has no control”, warns Guillaume Doki-Thonon.

“Initially, we started by sending free products before deciding to remunerate what we consider to be work”believes Caroline Briant.

By Charlot does not pay, thus claiming the authenticity of its approach. But we can also follow the example of Moderatoa brand of alcohol-free or low-alcohol wine created in 2021, which oscillates between “small” remuneration and the sending of free product. “We send them specifications, more to give the spirit of the product than to frame their work”, says Sébastien Thomas.

Be careful, finally, not to neglect the regulatory framework that governs influence marketing. “Any sponsorship or reciprocal commitment must be mentioned in the post”, recalls Guillaume Doki-Thonon. To measure the economic benefits, you have to rely on the data, it also makes it possible to redirect the editorial strategy to create relevant, differentiating content. And thus to develop its clientele. “ It is possible to track different indicators such as the number of clicks, sales after setting up a promo code, comments that signify purchase intentions, etc. », says the marketing expert.

The influence market has multiplied its turnover by 20 since 2015, reaching nearly $14 billion in revenue in 2021. And according to observers, we would only be at the beginning of the wave. There is still time to take it!

Maddyness, Salesforce Media Partner



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