a small revolution in the contract management sector a small revolution in the contract management sector

Select a type of document, identify yourself, receive an email and fill in the options offered to adapt the text to your specific case: in a few clicks, makes available a whole list of acts essential to the life of a company. The process is not new. On the other hand, what is, it is the free availability of this toolbox.

˝Our goal is above all to create a communityjustifies Éléonore Zahlen, who worked on the Bold side project. We want to give entrepreneurs as many chances as possible to grow their project.˝ And Antoine Fabre, founder and CEO of Leeway, to continue: ˝The creation of a company is the moment when the entrepreneur needs the most rights but also when he has the least means.˝ The project was born from the desire to share the basics of building a business. Launched by the online bank Shine, associated with the accounting tool Pennylane and the law firm Bold, this document library also benefits from the technological commitment of Leeway, specialist in contract management, and the tool of Yousign electronic signature.

A community of entrepreneurs

The union of a group of five actors from law, finance and technology is the strength of the project. ˝There are a large number of contract generation software on the marketconfides Jean-Baptiste Sciandra, marketing director of Shinebut the latter are not intended to provide all the financial documentation in addition to the legal acts.˝ Sixteen different documents are currently available on partnership between companies, service provision contract, service level agreement, data processing appendix, SAS statutes, employment contract, confidentiality policy, confidentiality agreements , cash flow forecast, tax calendar, attrition rate calculator, simplified forecast, research tax credit timesheet and parcel shipping cost simulator. Very quickly, the list will be supplemented by the general conditions of sale, the general conditions of use and the shareholders’ agreement.

The contract is therefore not the only document available on which is intended to accommodate any legal and financial act useful to the manager. For this, each founding member provides its own documentary collection, adapted and simplified. For example, a dozen of Bold’s lawyers worked on making available its legal contracts. Leeway did the same for the legal documents, Shine and Pennylane for the banking and financial documentation. Their updating as the regulations evolve remains in the hands of their author. Then, the adaptation to the specific case can be assisted by practical sessions. The creators of prepare workshops and sessions of mentoring allowing the user to ensure control of the risks associated with this phase of finalizing the document. How ? With the assistance of an accountant or a lawyer. What also strengthen the community of entrepreneurs. The number of downloads has already reached 10,000 since the launch on April 5. Something to shake up the market for legaltech in France.

Pascale D’Amore

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