Blanchon Group wants to become a leader in Europe

Blanchon Group wants to become a leader in Europe

With 190 years of existence, Blanchon Group has established itself on the French market for the manufacture and distribution of interior and exterior wood finishing, protection, decoration and maintenance products. An industrial activity with collaboration with manufacturers of parquet and vinyl floors enriches its expertise Its activities are focused on three types of markets: DIY and its specialized brands, professional distribution with its distributors and applicators (craftsmen, parquet installers), which is the historical pillar of the group (bringing together Blanchon, Ciranova, Carver and Rigo); and manufacturers with the new brands Blanchon Tech dedicated to resilient floors and Ciranova Tech dedicated to wooden floors. ” We are the leader in France in our field and we aim to become one in Europe. “says Guillaume Clément, CEO of Blanchon Group, which he joined a little over two years ago.

Internationalization with external growth

To weave its web in Europe, Blanchon Group relies in particular on external growth by acquiring companies. Last April, the group announced the acquisition of Rigo Verffabriek and Rigo Verfcentrum, a Dutch family business specializing in the design and manufacture of wood finishing products and paints for heritage buildings. The year before, in June 2021, he bought Debal Finance, a Belgian company which owns the Ciranova brand (paint, maintenance oil). ” These operations allow us to increase our market share in countries that we consider important. We are now the leader in Belgium and the Netherlands “, indicates Guillaume Clément, while adding that: “ These acquisitions are also intended to complete and expand our various product lines and to strengthen us in certain markets. For example, Debal Finance had subsidiaries in China and the United States, which were integrated into our group, whereas previously we simply had distribution networks in these two countries. Another example concerns the Ciranova brand which was not present in France before our takeover and which we intend to develop in the country. “. In total, Blanchon Group has 7 subsidiaries abroad: Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland, China, the United States and Italy. In the latter country, it is also through an acquisition that the group established itself. In 2015, he bought the company Carver, which specializes in the protection of wooden floors and which targets a professional clientele. ” We adopt a specific country strategy based on needs and the competitive environment. In some of them, such as France, Poland or Italy, we operate on three markets: individuals, professionals and manufacturers. In others, we are present on one or two channels “, explains the leader.

A new shareholding structure and a revamped identity

To support this ambitious international strategy and the strong growth of its revenues – which have increased by 60% in three years – Blanchon Group welcomed a new majority investor in 2019: Abenex Capital, a private equity fund. Two years later, another fund, IK Partners, joined the round by becoming the majority shareholder. These transactions enabled the family shareholders to sell their stake. At the same time, Blanchon Group decided to redesign its identity to integrate the acquired companies and their numerous brands under a “common roof” represented by Blanchon. ” Our international revenues have increased from 25% to 42% in three years and our organization has had to readapt with the integration of foreign employees. We therefore carried out work to clarify our identity and our values, which gave rise to an update of all corporate communications and trademarks. The Blanchon Group brand thus becomes the common vector for all our brands “, emphasizes Guillaume Clément. In the long term, the packaging and websites of the commercial brands will also be redesigned to reflect this new identity – which advocates the values ​​of reliability, empathy, responsibility and audacity – and participate in the achievement of the ambitious objectives of the group to the 420 employees including 250 in France: it is aiming for 150 million euros in turnover in 2025, against 100 million euros in 2021.