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Audencia updates its Executive M.Sc CFO diploma course

Audencia updates its Executive M.Sc CFO diploma course


Recognized worldwide, Audencia is a forward-looking school. By refining its Executive M.Sc Financial Director diploma course, Audencia offers all active people the opportunity to become real performance pilots, while being the new strategists for companies. Explanations.

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By celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2020, Audencia has demonstrated that it has a solid track record. Building on its reputation, the school wanted to refine its Executive M.Sc diploma course, which aims to provide training for the profession of financial director. From a strictly financial and accounting profession, the CFO has evolved considerably. Now considered a strategist in his own right, he not only participates in the development of the company, but he establishes close ties with the general management. With the challenge of ensuring sustainable growth.

An active target

The Executive M.Sc Financial Director diploma course is recognized and backed by the level 7 RNCP title.

Whether they are executives, managers, management controllers… the candidates are above all, active people, “This program targets a population of accountants, management/legal managers, financial managers in small structures, etc.», emphasizes Amélie Ruellan, Academic Manager of Audencia, before continuing. ” Training is designed to fit to the schedules of professionals according to a rhythm of 3 to 4 consecutive days per month, face-to-face, on the Paris campus. It aims to increase the skills of financial directors from a business and market point of view: how to manage reconciliation operations, set up business valuations, integrate reporting… without forgetting, of course, management soft skills “.

A training that is also based on a quality teaching staff. “ We bring together Audencia professors, teacher-researchers in accounting, management control, entrepreneurship, global performance or CSR. A few professional consultants and DAF in practice also join our teaching staff, as long as they have solid teaching skills. », Specifies Amélie Ruellan.

A rich and adapted program

The Executive M.Sc Financial Director diploma course is organized around 4 axes.

  • An expert and business partner component. The objective is to acquire the basics of the profession through the presentation of financial markets, management control, financial analysis/consolidation, risk management, etc.
  • A future-oriented strategy. Business valuation, Design Thinking, business plans, investment projects will be studied. Without forgetting the emphasis placed on the points of ecological and societal transition. ” It is important to make future CFOs aware of CSR dimensions and all current and new European regulations », explains Amélie Ruellan.
  • A business strategy component. A few days will also be devoted to business management, the economic environment, decision-making and marketing for executives.
  • A section dedicated to change. Support for collective change, transformation of the organization, HR for managers… will also be taken into account.

A training that finally allows candidates to develop a strategic project (punctuated by a defense) in order to stimulate the transformation of a company. ” Whether it is focused on the integration of a decision-making IS or on a transformation of the financial organization, this project carried out by the candidates guarantees them a “confrontation” with the realities on the ground. We thus wish to provide them with all the keys to develop their current or future businesses. concludes Amélie Ruellan.

Have the key skills to manage the financial department.

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