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2 signings with the Lakers, disappointment for the fans!

Like the Warriors, the Lakers are already preparing for training camp, which will begin in September. The front office has therefore just chained two signatures with this in mind, just to give a few people a chance. Disappointment for the supporters, since one of the darlings of the Summer League is not there.

The season has not yet started and yet there are already many signings for the NBA franchises, which are preparing for training camp in September. The leaders really like to land with more than 15 players, the authorized limit, just to give a chance to veterans, or young people capable of integrating the workforce over time. This is the case for the Warriors, who will keep only one member for the start of the regular season.

Movement on the market for the Lakers!

Same idea with the Lakers, who have just chained the signatures. We are talking here about precarious contracts, which will make it possible to gauge some for the training camp, then to keep the best for a promotion. This Sunday evening, the Angelinos therefore confirmed that they had signed two new members for short contracts, or exhibit 10.

The Lakers just announced that they were able to sign Javante McCoy and Fabian White Jr to exhibit-10 contracts.

The first quoted is a guard who comes out of Boston University after 5 years. He averaged 17.4 points and 3.9 rebounds there, and played with the Lakers in the Summer League, for 10.3 points per game. The Angelinos obviously want to find out a little more.

White Jr is a Houston winger, shooting 12.5 points and 5.7 rebounds after 5 years in Texas. He also had his chance in the Summer League with the Angelinos, without a major performance.

On the fan side, there is a slight disappointment. Jay Huff, a very good interior with the Angelinos during the Summer League, is therefore not affected by this wave of signings. Frustration among some, who hope that the pivot will have a chance during training camp:

They’ll let Huff go somewhere else and shine. This story always happens.

Movement for the Lakers, who hope to find a great find with these signings for training camp. At the moment, the pressure is on the front office, which needs to close a big trade before the recovery. But summer is still long in Los Angeles.



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