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12% of French companies' data is not protected at all, according to the Veeam Data Protection Trends 2022 report

12% of French companies’ data is not protected at all, according to the Veeam Data Protection Trends 2022 report

Unexpected failures or ransomware, which does the most damage?

The Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2022, which provides insight into the data protection challenges organizations are facing and their plans to invest in new technologies to ensure business continuity, reveals that over the course of over the past 12 months, 95% of French companies have suffered unplanned outages. Additionally, a majority of organizations (79%) recognize a protection gap between how much data they can afford to lose after an outage and how often the data is backed up.

Downtime isn’t the only data protection challenge businesses face. In recent years, cyber risk has increased to such an extent that any business should consider that they will be a victim of a ransomware attack at some point or another. It is no longer a question of knowing where, when, but how often. According to the Veeam report, 79% of French companies have indeed suffered an attack in 2021, generating total or partial data loss. As for the total restitution of the data, it is never guaranteed because the resumption of activity, after a downtime, becomes an obstacle even more difficult to overcome in the face of the sophistication of the attacks.

Orchestration and recovery, the “essentials” of modern data protection

French companies are becoming aware of their vulnerability and are acting accordingly. A very large majority (85%) planned to increase their budget dedicated to the protection of their data in 2022, up to 6% compared to 2021.

For Thierry Lottin, country manager France of Veeam: “While this increase in budgets is reassuring, it is also much needed, according to the results of the Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2022. Repeated data loss can lead, for example, to a decline in employee performance, the latter fearing that their work will be reduced to nothing; this inevitably affects the business. It is therefore vital that French companies adopt a modern data protection solution capable of ensuring their protection and restoration, but also the orchestration of workflows, in order to guarantee optimal business continuity for their employees and their customers. . »

Survey methodology

Veeam has commissioned independent consultancy Vanson Bourne to conduct a quantitative study of data protection market trends, solutions adopted and perceptions of leading companies around the world. The survey was conducted among 3,000 IT decision-makers (in companies with more than 1,000 employees) from 28 countries, using an unbiased quantitative method to ensure the impartiality of the results.




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