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La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, aurait des raisons de quitter la franchise

“With LeBron, you have to do that to the Lakers…”

Playing for the Lakers, especially when LeBron James is around, is clearly not an easy mission. There are many expectations, especially since the title is the only option in the City of Angels. Malik Monk knows it well, he who stayed a short year in Los Angeles. Nevertheless, the new Kings player is visibly grateful.

After a failed year, without even a simple presence in the playoffs, the Lakers have a lot of pressure for this new campaign. With a new coach, arrivals during the summer, the objective is relatively simple: the title, and nothing else. No question of repeating such a fiasco in the City of Angels, or there will be changes according to the owner, Jeanie Buss. Now players have been warned.

It must be said that after a missed season, the expectations are even greater on the part of the fans. However, there are uncertainties, such as the possible departure of Russell Westbrook. The latter does not know where he will play at the start of the school year, while Rob Pelinka is still trying to find him a way out, without much success so far. If he stays, he knows he will have to change his game, especially with a LeBron James in the area.

Former Laker reflects on LeBron pressure

No, playing with the King is not easy. You always have to give your maximum, especially given the stakes at the Lakers. Malik Monk knows this well, he who spent a year in Los Angeles before signing with the Kings this summer. The interested party returned for TMZ on the fact of playing with LeBron. Despite some pressure, he keeps a very good memory of it… to the point of finding it again in a few years?

LeBron is responsible for a lot of things at the Lakers. He’s part of the reason I came to Los Angeles because he’s ready to help all of his teammates on the pitch. I really have nothing bad to say about him, not at all. But when you play with him, it is clear that you have to have the same involvement as him, you have to evolve at the same level. Otherwise, you are quickly outmatched on the floor. But that’s also why he’s so strong.

Monk preferred financial security by signing with the Kings, which cannot be blamed on the player after a complicated start to his career with the Hornets. But nothing prevents him from returning in the future to Los Angeles, in particular to play a new year with LeBron. In the meantime, Monk is relatively confident for his former teammates:

They are big boys at the Lakers. I’m sure they’ll be fine, especially if they have conversations about it. They are all great players.

Malik Monk will keep very good memories of his adventure with the Lakers, despite a failed season. He can say thank you to LeBron James for growing up, and the fullback now hopes to keep Sacramento happy for years to come. It promises.



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