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La superstar NBA française Rudy Gobert a fait passer un gros message dès sa première conférence de presse en tant que joueur des Minnesota Timberwolves

Too powerful, the new physique of Rudy Gobert impresses!

New Wolves player Rudy Gobert will start this new campaign with some pressure from Minnesota. The objective is clearly to achieve the title, especially given the counterpart released by the leaders to recover the French. The latter is not idle during his summer, the pivot having released impressive photos of his training.

After a career start at the Jazz, without meeting collective success there, Rudy Gobert will experience a new NBA team at the start of the school year. The Frenchman was traded to Wolves a few weeks ago now, where he will form with Karl-Anthony Towns an XXL racket. Can it make a difference in the West and allow Minnesota to dream of a possible title? That’s the hope there, even though the competition is still going strong.

But the leaders would not have released 5 first rounds of draft, in addition to other players, if they did not really want Rudy. The latter knows that he was wanted in his new team, which should motivate him to give even more for this campaign which will begin in October. While waiting for the rest, and in particular his first match in his new jersey, Gobzilla is not here to have fun.

Rudy Gobert in his best physical shape?

We knew it even before the exchange to Wolves, Rudy has been training a lot since the end of this exercise and the disappointment of the Jazz. He probably wants to work hard to get a different ending, which won’t bother Minnesota, delighted with the Frenchman’s involvement. He has just shared some pictures on his Instagram account, and we can say that it is impressive.

No doubt that Gobert is working hard this summer, always with the aim of being in perfect physical condition for the start of the school year. This is how he can help Wolves with a possible title, especially since the pressure will be high. The new number 27 knows that he is expected at the turn in this team, just like KAT, or Anthony Edwards, who embodies the future of this organization.

All these beautiful people have only one objective for the start of the school year: a ring. Towns was in front of the media, and after Rudy’s trade, he didn’t hesitate to put a monster pressure on this group. The front office confirmed these ambitions with this trade, and it may not be over. We can expect other moves by the resumption at the Wolves, who are hungry for victories.

Rudy Gobert appears in better shape than ever, at least physically, after his trade with Wolves. This bodes well for the future, since there will be some pressure in this new environment. The desire to win is present in Minnesota, but sometimes it’s not enough. In any case, we will closely follow Rudy’s debut with KAT and company.



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