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La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, aurait pris sa décision quant à son avenir dans la franchise

The Pacers’ request to the Lakers to recover Russell Westbrook!

Potentially sent to the Pacers, Russell Westbrook does not yet know if negotiations will succeed with the Lakers. Some discussions have taken place, but everything is blocked on a big detail. Will the front office give in? If so, the Angelinos may strengthen with two big names, but nothing is done yet.

For several weeks now, Russell Westbrook finds himself actively haggled by the Lakers, who are trying to find him a way out. For now, no agreement with the Nets, in exchange for Kyrie Irving, or with the Pacers. The franchise has been cited for some time, with Buddy Hield and Myles Turner potentially taking the opposite trip. For the moment, we can say that it is rather bad start.

It must be said that among the Pourpre et Or, the assets are not legion. There are two first round picks (2027 and 2029), Talen Horton-Tucker, and of course Westbrook. Not enough to dream of the teams on the market, including Indiana, which could resume negotiations with the Angelinos in the future. It will be, at least if Rob Pelinka, the GM, decides to give in on an important point.

The Lakers ready to capitulate with the Pacers?

If Indiana is not against the idea of ​​recovering Westbrook, the Lakers will have to be convincing by lining up the draft rounds. It is in any case the condition requested by the Pacers in the talks, and do not count on them to give in. According to The Athletic, via Bob Kravitz, it will be necessary to sacrifice another asset for Pelink in order to drop Westbrook on the other side. It remains to be seen who will crack.

The Pacers had a good talk with the Lakers regarding a Russell Westbrook trade, with Myles Turner and Buddy Hield mentioned. But for the time being, the negotiations are at a standstill. The Lakers offered Westbrook a first-round draft pick. But according to sources, Indiana wants at least two first-round draft picks back for this trade.

A suprise ? Not necessarily. The Pacers don’t see Westbrook as a real asset, which explains the difference with the Lakers right now.

The Lakers are clearly overvaluing Russ’ contract. Sheesh

No agreement between Indiana and Los Angeles, even if negotiations could resume soon. It’s off to a bad start, especially if the franchise thinks Russell Westbrook can make a big difference in a trade. It will take much more.



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