La potentielle solution drastique des Lakers pour gérer le fiasco Russell Westbrook

The franchise ready to completely snub Russell Westbrook!

Long considered a star in this league, Russell Westbrook is no longer necessarily a dream in the NBA. The Lakers are looking for a way out, but the interest is not really present. A time quoted, a team has no interest in the point guard, even if he was free. That is to say the reputation.

Far from his best level with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook is no longer really wanted in the City of Angels. If the stars promised to make this Big 3 work, in a recent phone conversation, that does not mean that the leader will remain in the region for a long time. A departure is still likely, with trades with the Nets and Pacers, without much success so far.

The name of Westbrook is no longer a dream in this league, since it is no longer considered an asset. Teams are not against the idea of ​​recovering his contract for more than 40 million dollars, but not without an effort from the Lakers in the discussions. This is why the talks have so far failed, and this situation may last for a very long time. However, Rob Pelinka wants a way out for his player.

The West franchise that doesn’t want Westbrook

A surprise organization mentioned earlier in the week? The Mavericks, who could try to recover Westbrook if he is available. A player compatible with Luka Doncic? Not really, which allowed Tim MacMahon, journalist for ESPN, to verify all this. According to him, the first returns are quite clear: the Texas franchise has absolutely no interest in Brodie.

“You told me you heard about it, so I checked. I got a very quick “absolutely not”.

Russ is no longer seen as an asset in this league which is quite sad for the player. If he wants to offer himself a better end to his career, it is up to him to adapt his game, and to give priority to the defense and his teammates. Without that, it’s a sad end for the former MVP:

Everyone says the same thing… Only the Lakers are spreading these fake offers 🤦‍♂️

It’s clear that Russell Westbrook is no longer wanted in this league, which means the Lakers may have no choice but to keep him. If the leader wants to rebuild his reputation, he will have to prove that he is ready to give everything for his team.



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