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LeBron enflamme le public adverse avec une séquence folle !

Lakers put reputable point guard on trial, upcoming signing?!

The Lakers are all about the leaders at the beginning of summer. If they are still trying to find out who will be the holder of the position, Russell Westbrook being likely to leave for Brooklyn against Kyrie Irving, they are also looking for a replacement. An experienced player was also tested.

While the NBA is paralyzed by the file Kevin Durant, some franchises that have no chance of hosting the Nets’ No. 7 are active on the market. This is for example the case of the Lakers, who have already signed some interesting players like Lonnie Walker or the former Warriors Juan Toscano-Anderson. Level depth of manpower, there should be better in Los Angeles.

In the end, whatever the outcome in the case Kyrie Irvingwho dreams of finding LeBron James and let it be known throughout the league, the Purple and Gold will have to do better than last season and at least get into the playoffs, Rob Pelinka must therefore create a group capable of meeting these expectations. For example, it is necessary to find a substitute liar who knows how to manage the tempo of an encounter.

Darren Collison tested by the Lakers!

This is not necessarily the primary quality of Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving, it’s not that of Austin Reaves and Talen Horton-Tucker either, so it’s a profile to unearth this summer. The leaders know it, and they decided to put an experienced point guard to the test this Wednesday, hoping to find the rare pearl. It remains to be seen whether the experiment was conclusive or not.

The Lakers tried point guard Darren Collison on Wednesday. Collison, 34, played 3 games for the Lakers last season and would like to play next season.

Darren Collison’s career average is 12.5 points and 5 assists, all in over 700 games played, so he has the experience and talent to bring something to the Lakers locker room next season. The concern is that after two years of retirement, he is no longer necessarily at the expected level, that of his good seasons in Indiana.

Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, he was signed by Rob Pelinka for 10 days, and in 3 games played for the Purple and Gold, he shot 1.3 points and 1.3 rebounds, all in more than 12 minutes spent in the field on average. A starving production, but which did not totally despair the leaders, who decided to give it a new chance.

Darren Collison knows the franchise, since he spent a few days there last season, and the leaders decided to give him another chance. After having played 3 games over the last 3 years, he obviously wants to find a place in the league.



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