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Kendrick Perkins launched in the very lucrative business of French bulldogs

Kendrick Perkins launched in the very lucrative business of French bulldogs

In terms of business, NBA retirees are spoiled for choice. Kendrick Perkins has thus opted for the dog trade. But not just any since it is in the French bulldog.

Why this breed in particular? Because as his brother-in-law, Thomas Alpough, explained to him a few years ago, the sale of French bulldogs can bring big money in the United States, where they are extremely rare and prized. Especially since the pandemic, with American families all wanting a dog.

Initially, the former Celtics and Thunder pivot was not very interested, however, and his brother-in-law simply asked him to use his social networks (including his 370,000 followers on Instagram) to find buyers for six puppies. And when he saw that they had all found takers in six days, for a total amount of 60,000 dollars, Kendrick Perkins logically reconsidered the proposal.

“I was like, ‘Okay, it’s real money now.’ There, he had my full attention and I started » thus explains to the New York Post the one who also officiates as an analyst on ESPN.

Dogs that cost up to a million dollars…

With two other partners, they created a company, Big League Exotics (BLE) to develop this business.

“Originally, French bulldogs were black and white. Then all of a sudden it started to have lilacs, bluish white, with polka dots and things like that.”continues Kendrick Perkins. “Then you have the Blackbirds [qui ressemblent aux motifs des Dalmatiens]. But now you have fluffy French bulldogs, which are expensive. Fluffy French bulldogs have fur, different colors, it’s the new wave. These dogs cost between $100,000 and $150,000. »

Big League Exotics now has 42 dogs in a kennel in Texas, at an undisclosed location, with a total value of between $4 million and $5 million, according to Kendrick Perkins.

“We started to develop relationships. I started learning more about DNA, color, structure – the things people want. And now we’ve gotten to the point where we have dogs in our kennel that are worth $250,000, $500,000. We even have one (called Jay-Z and purchased in Britain) worth a million dollars. »

Incredible sums that drive people crazy, like Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs, kidnapped in the middle of the street while their “pet sitter” was riddled with bullets and the singer promised 500,000 dollars in reward.

“Even in Houston they say be careful if you own one because people are getting robbed or killed because there is so much demand. French bulldogs are hotter than real estate” concludes Kendrick Perkins.



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