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NBA Mitchell cash sur le niveau du Jazz

Gobert and Jazz destroyed: “We knew they were going to crack”

If they went to the playoffs last year, Rudy Gobert and Utah obviously did not inspire fear in their opponents. The former player of a cador in the West thus affirmed that their rout in the first round was programmed… And he is well placed to know it, since he faced them.

Given the circumstances, the first round of the 2021-22 post-season started quite well for the Jazz. Yet opposed to the Mavs, who finished fourth in the Western Conference in the regular season, Quin Snyder’s men have for a time been able to keep up, even being tied after four games. Under the impetus of Jalen Brunson in particular, their opponents nevertheless snatched the final victory, which precipitated the explosion of the group and the trade of Rudy Gobert, in particular.

Regrets, there was enough to have on the side of the Mormons, because the Texans had to do without their superstar Luka Doncic for two-thirds of the series. However, the Slovenian’s teammates weren’t too worried about it, as Brunson recently explained on JJ Redick’s podcast. The Knicks rookie simply said he expected the Jazz to fall apart, just keep calm:

Jalen Brunson is cash on the Dallas-Utah series

We knew if we stuck together they were going to snap at some point and then we started seeing videos of them yelling at each other and things like that during game 3 or 4 or something like that. That’s when we found out. And even when they managed to equalize at 2-2, we were confident, we were good.

We lost both games because of small, simple mistakes that we knew we could fix and that we fixed in games 5 and 6. We had absolute trust in each other, we knew we could do it, and obviously , once Luka came back, everything changed in our favor.

Difficult to make more precise as an analysis on the part of the guard, who played a leading role in the success of his people since he knew how to keep the boat afloat, until his franchise player recovered from his physical glitches. Once El Matador was back, there was little to stop Dallas, who moved on to the next round where this time it was the turn of Phoenix, the best record of the regular season, to return arms. A journey that few people would have thought possible from Jason Kidd’s men.

Jalen Brunson makes it clear, it was only a matter of time before the Jazz cracked the Mavericks. Stronger on the ground, the Texans would also have been stronger mentally, especially since the Mormons were then already in a period of doubt about their future.



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