2 franchises en pôle pour Donovan Mitchell s'il quitte le Jazz !

Donovan Mitchell’s future decided? The photo that panics the fans!

After many disappointments in the playoffs, the Jazz could explode its roster in the coming weeks. Rudy Gobert was one of the first, while Donovan Mitchel could be next. A photo of the player’s jersey also ignites supporters, who are already imagining a trade with the Knicks in the near future.

Danny Ainge is not there to joke on the Jazz side, he who has started his big cleaning. Royce O’Neale was sent to the Nets, while Rudy Gobert is now a Wolves player. It may not be over for the franchise, which is looking to build up the aces for the future. A kind of reconstruction for this team, with Donovan Mitchell who could be next, with a possible trade to the Knicks.

Discussions have taken place in recent weeks, just to find an agreement for the departure of the star. No success for the moment and for good reason: Ainge asks for a mountain of trumps to give up his player, which is understandable. The Knicks may have a serious interest, even they are reluctant to let go so much for one person. Can Spida guarantee success in New York? Not really.

Donovan Mitchell’s departure confirmed?

The latest rumor about it does not calm anyone, or more precisely the last photo. A recent Jazz sale took place with Spida jerseys on sale. Good news for fans looking to pick up the jersey, except there’s a reason for it all: Mitchell is considered a “former player”, which explains the lower price. Simple mistake, little joke, or a little early announcement?

Does the Jazz have better sources than us?

It says “former players”

Maybe. Maybe someone had fun putting Donovan Mitchell’s jersey there.

Whatever the explanation, we can’t say that the fans calm down when they see these kinds of photos. Knicks fans are hoping for a trade this summer, but negotiations are clearly not straightforward. One thing is certain, nothing is over in this soap opera.



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