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Closing of the 14th edition of the USA-Africa Business Summit

Closing of the 14th edition of the USA-Africa Business Summit

The work of the 14th edition of the USA-Africa Business Summit ended on Friday in Marrakech, after three days of exchange and constructive debate around the theme “building the future together”.

Organized by the Moroccan government, in partnership with the “Corporate Council on Africa” ​​(CCA), this event was attended by a large American government delegation, African ministers and decision-makers from the largest American multinationals and the business community. Africans. It served as an opportunity to establish future-oriented US-Morocco-Africa tripartite business partnerships.

“We can proudly say that Morocco organized an extraordinary Summit, which was a great success”, welcomed the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzourin a statement to the press following the Summit’s closing ceremony.

In this sense, the minister said that this conclave brought together more than 1,500 participants, six foreign ministers, more than twenty ministers representing different sectors and more than fifty African countries”, adding that 80% of the participants are from the private sector.

Presence of more than 450 American companies

“More than 450 American companies were present, which is huge, while more than 5,000 contacts were initiated between representatives of the public and private sectors”, welcomed the Moroccan minister, adding that the Summit also witnessed the signing of several business contracts between American and African companies.

While recalling that more than 40% of the participants were women, Mezzour expressed his thanks to the 250 representatives of national and international media who provided coverage of this global event.

Future of US-Africa relations

For his part, the Ghanaian Minister of Commerce and Industry, Alan Kyerematensaid the Summit was “a rich experience in that it gave us the opportunity to share our ideas and experiences about current US government programs to support Africa.”

“The Summit also gave the African public and private sectors the opportunity to provide their vision on the future of the relationship between the United States and Africa, particularly in the post-Covid context,” noted Kyerematen.

In this sense, the Ghanaian minister affirmed that this Summit lays the foundations for a “deeper engagement between the United States and Africa, as well as between the private and public sectors of African countries, and between the private sectors in Africa and the United States”.

For her part, the President and CEO of the “Corporate Council on Africa” ​​(CCA), Florizelle Liserunderlined that this Summit offered the opportunity to emphasize the importance of joint action by the American and African governments, as well as the African and American private sectors “to advance investments and economic and commercial relations between the United States and Africa”.

Morocco, link between Africa and the USA

“We are very honored and delighted to work in close cooperation with the Moroccan government and to have the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI,” she said, adding that the CCA is committed to working together with Morocco to advance the economic relationship between the United States and Africa.

Nasser Bourita Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad

In a panel at the closing of this Summit, the speakers were unanimous in advocating for the combined efforts of governments, multilateral financial institutions, development finance institutions, sovereign wealth funds and private sector investors to accelerate economic development and prosperity.

In this sense, they welcomed the announcement by the Vice President of the United States, Mrs. Kamala Harris, of the United States-Africa Leaders’ Summit next December in Washington, which will discuss challenges ranging from food security to change. climatic.

Placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the 14th edition of the USA-Africa Business Summit was marked by the organization of high-level dialogues, plenary sessions, panels, round tables and side -events around the priorities of the Continent in terms of food security, health, agriculture, energy transition, new technologies, infrastructures and integration of industrial ecosystems.

Offering the opportunity to establish future-oriented USA-Morocco-Africa tripartite business partnerships, this Summit also represented an opportunity to consolidate the strategic positioning of Morocco, the only African country to have concluded a free trade agreement. with the United States, as a hub for Africa and a reference economic partner for the USA.



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