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Les superstars NBA Luka Doncic, Rudy Gobert, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Domantas Sabonis et Jaylen Brown lors du All-Star Game 2021

A star of the East on the departure after an offensive offer?

While the big players have already found takers in the market, not everyone has. Deandre Ayton took a while to get his deal with the Suns, but Collin Sexton is still waiting. Injured last year, the leader had a big setback, which cooled the Cavaliers.

It’s been a few weeks since the free agency opened its doors, with very different results for the players. Jalen Brunson quickly found his contract with the Knicks, while Deandre Ayton had to wait a few weeks to get a max deal with the Suns, after a first offer from the Pacers. But among the latecomers, we find Collin Sexton, who is very annoyed on the market after an injury and an absence for many months.

Upcoming trade for the Cavaliers?

A real setback for the leader, who showed great things for his first campaigns in Ohio. Results ? He probably expected a big contract, but his heavy injury changes the situation in Cleveland. Knowing that the market is empty for him, the franchise takes advantage of it by offering him a few tens of millions for several years according to Chris Fedor, close to the team. The interested party is disgusted.

The Cavaliers have offered Collin Sexton a multi-year deal, a generous deal considering the market is empty for him, and he therefore has no offers. I’m thinking something like 40 million over three years. But it’s less than Sexton wanted. I don’t know if his clan really wants to accept such a contract at the moment.

Cleveland proved last year, with Darius Garland, that the franchise could get by without Sexton, even if the point guard showed great things. Add to that the injury, which complicates things a bit for the Cavaliers. The interested party could accept the contract, or else remain on the market, pending another opening. But no one is really on the player right now. Among Internet users, opinions are rather mixed.

In the minds of the players, an amount other than the max is immediately considered a low offer.

The Cavs have to pay this guy, he was close to becoming an All Star before his injury prevented him from playing

Should the Cavaliers retain Collin Sexton? The answer is yes, it remains to be seen whether the point guard is open to the idea of ​​accepting a lighter contract. For the moment, he doesn’t want to. But the market is empty for him, which means he doesn’t have many options.



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