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La superstar NBA des Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid, voit un autre de ses coéquipiers, outre Ben Simmons, poser de gros problèmes à la franchise cette saison

A star makes a fool of himself in Drew League, Joel Embiid has fun!

While NBA players continue to spin in the Drew League to play a few games, Trae Young and John Collins have experienced problems on the floor. No mercy from the fans, just like Joel Embiid, who was amused by the situation. It must be said that in the case of Collins, we can say that the interior was very strong for a professional.

Just a week ago, LeBron James has made a comeback on the side of the Drew League, which has just experienced a boost in popularity. Fans are still present in the room, while the NBA has announced a partnership to broadcast a selection of matches. Other players also come to test themselves, like Trae Young and John Collins. Unfortunately for them, the Hawks players suffered a fiasco.

John Collins humiliated at the Drew League!

First of all, because their team lost the match quite broadly, with a gap of 15 points at halftime. Having NBA players isn’t enough to make a difference, especially when Collins is around. The latter had a very bad time being excluded following 6 faults, to which must be added an ugly poster in the circle: a bad evening for the player.

Tough day for John Collins in the Drew League. He was posted to the circle, became the first NBA player to get kicked out for 6 fouls, and his team with Trae Young lost 😬

A scenario that does not displease Embiid, who hastened to “like” the tweet in question:

Joel Embiid liked the tweet about John Collins and his multiple Drew League losses

Sad night for Hawks fans, especially with a Collins who could be traded soon. Does this performance of the player go unnoticed? We can doubt it. Luckily, Young was there to lighten up the audience in the room a bit:

John Collins failed in beauty, which seems to please Joel Embiid, who was amused by the situation. It’s fair game, even if we would very much like to see the Sixers’ pivot in this competition. No doubt he would do much better on the floor.



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