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Laron Profit et Michael Jordan

Why Michael Jordan brutally fired this player!

Known for his hot temper and his sometimes cold anger, Michael Jordan has traumatized more than one player, coach or trainer during his NBA career. Yet it was at the very end of it, when MJ was no longer the monster he was during his Bulls years, that the Hall of Famer signed one of his greatest brutalities. And that hurts…

If all basketball fans like to agree on the fact that Michael Jordan, the “real one”, retired forever one evening in 1998 after planting a final shot on the head of Bryon Russell, it must be deal with the 2nd comeback of MJ in Washington. It was between 2001 and 2003, when Her Majesty was approaching her 40th birthday, and if her passage remains quite mind-blowing individuallyhe did not lead to much at the collective level – not even a last appearance in the playoffs.

In fact, if Jordan signed with the Wizards, it is also (and above all) because he had bought 10% of the shares of the franchise in 2000, making him an owner of the team. And although everyone knew about it, a certain player by the name of Laron Profit paid the price…

Michael Jordan fires player for disrespecting him in game

Very good on the side of the college of Maryland in his young years, Profit was drafted in 38th position of the Draft 1999, and immediately sent to Washington. After two years without much relief in DC, an incident occurred at training with Michael Jordan. Rip Hamilton, present at the scene, recalls:

Laron scored a shot to the head of MJ in practice, and he trash-talked it: “Yeah! You can’t defend me with your old slammed knees! »

And directly I said to myself: “Wow, wow… You can’t say that to the GOAT! MJ had the hate. At my end-of-year interview, he said to me: “Ok Rip. Your guy there, your friend, he releases. You wouldn’t have your guy on the roster anymore.

Sure enough, on August 1, 2001, the Wizards announced as planned the trade of Laron Profit to Orlando, for the rights of Brendan Haywood. A radical decision, à la Jordan.

It must be said that Profit, who then averaged 4.3 points and 2.5 assists per game that season, had quite the nerve to address the man who was then unanimously considered the greatest player in history. , and who had won 6 rings in 7 contested seasons in the 1990s. This insolence, coupled with a good dose of disrespect, got the better of Laron Profit’s career in Washington.

Subsequently, karma having hit hard, the back was immediately cut by the Magic, and could not even find a franchise in the NBA. He therefore went into exile in China, before returning briefly to the league, notably to the Lakers, then leaving again, for good this time, internationally. With, forever, the merciless sentence of Michael Jordan on your mind.

You don’t disrespect Michael Jordan, especially when you’re a role player with poor stats. The punishment was brutal, but in the end… isn’t it deserved?



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