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USA: this Haitian tells how he was able to integrate the medical system

The young Haitian Johny Davilma has just joined the American medical system as a resident in internal medicine at MercyHealth. A look back at his inspiring journey and the steps he had to follow to get there.

Originally from the commune of Saint-Louis Du Nord, North-West department, Johny Davilma is currently specializing in internal medicine for a period of three years in the United States. He works no less than six days a week, sees many patients and goes back and forth to clinics.

Three-step onboarding process

Generally, to integrate the American medical system, the obligation is made for each doctor holding a medical degree to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) program.

According to HMN.WIKI, it “evaluates a physician’s ability to apply knowledge, concepts and principles, and to identify the core patient-centred skills that are important in health and disease and that form the basis of safe and effective patient care”.

After passing this stage, the aspiring specialist must have at least three letters of recommendation, issued by licensed doctors practicing the profession in the United States.

Then, he must apply in hospitals that receive candidates with the same profile as him for specialization, explains Dr. Davilma, joined by the editorial staff of Loop Haiti. If the candidate is selected, the hospital will contact him for an interview, he adds.

“This process is very competitive, because we will keep the candidates who show the best performance”, according to the young professional who always stands out for his rigor and determination.

“If the candidate is a recent graduate; if he used to share the work he has done on medicine – scientific articles published in journals – that can be an asset for him”, he adds.

“I had applied in 171 hospitals, only 11 contacted me for the interview. Finally I was accepted in a hospital”, confides to us, the former Lycée Lamennais, stressing that it took him almost two years to prepare for the exam.

The value of sacrifice

After studying medicine in the Dominican Republic, from January 2012 to F 2018, Davilma finally decided to move to the United States in October 2019. In June 2020, he obtained a work permit.

His first job, he found it in a depot where he lifted boxes.

“I worked with a lot of determination, because I considered it a simple stage in my life,” says Davilma, who points out that she had a very difficult childhood.

“While I was working in a depot and as an Uber driver, I had the chance to pay 10,000 dollars in order to pass several exams (STEP 1, 2 and 3) and my application to become a resident doctor…”, confides to us- he.

He takes the opportunity to point out that the number of brilliant young Haitians who have already integrated this system and who work in Florida is one of his sources of motivation. “I see them as role models,” he says.

To his compatriots who wish to practice medicine in the United States, he encourages them to cultivate the determination and to believe that they can do it too.

At the same time as practicing his profession, the man who was involved in youth activities in his hometown before his university studies, toyed with the idea of ​​setting up social programs there aimed at supporting needy schoolchildren in particular.

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