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Lebron James 17 juillet 2022 Drew League

The NBA will broadcast Drew League matches!

Back in the spotlight since the passage of LeBron James, the Drew League will continue its development. Thanks to a partnership in place, some summer league games will now be visible from the NBA website.

The Drew League can say a big thank you to LeBron James. Since the passage of the King, the hype around the Los Angeles summer league is back. A little neglected by the stars in recent years (apart from a few fans like DeMar DeRozan), the competition dear to Dino Smiley (the commissioner) has just benefited from a welcome boost. Since good news often leads to another, we have just learned that the NBA has set up a partnership with the Drew League to broadcast certain games on and on the NBA application. This is the first time that a league mixing professionals and amateurs has been broadcast on the NBA platform. A great step forward for the mythical Drew League, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023.

LeBron James’ match, which was broadcast on League Pass, will therefore not be an isolated event. The NBA still specifies that not all games will be broadcast, priority being given to meetings that include NBA players.. However, the entire Drew League Playoffs will be included in the prize. The retransmission will start from July 23 and until August 21. We already know a meeting on the program since two NBA players will also be in uniform this Saturday. Trae Young and John Collins will join the ranks of Black Pearl Elite and it promises a good dose of alley-oop show in the gymnasium of King Drew High School. To see if that will calm the rumors of departure around the leaping strong winger. With this new light cast on LA pro-am league games, we may be able to find more and more NBA players on the floor and that can only be a plus in a period that sounds awfully hollow in orange balloon terms.

The Drew League visible on the NBA site is a gift and it starts today. Another highlight in Los Angeles summer league history and it’s probably far from over.

Text source: Drew League



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