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Kevin Durant face à la presse

The big traitor blow of Kevin Durant to the Nets before his departure!

Kevin During has been rather discreet since his trade request was formalized in the media. But because actions often speak louder than words, he decided to send a huge message to his management in a video posted on social media. Divorce is certain.

Kevin Durant is the main attraction of the offseason in the NBA, he who asked to leave the Nets to everyone’s surprise. After only 3 seasons, including one spent in the infirmary for his Achilles tendon rehabilitation, after a single series of victorious playoffs, the No. 7 believes he has seen enough in the Big Apple, he wants to take up a new challenge in a better managed team.

Because the crux of the problem seems to lie in his strange relationship with management, in particular GM Sean Marks and owner Joe Tsai. The two were particularly firm on the extension of Kyrie Irving, which seems to have offended the leader, but also his best friend. And if he has not spoken publicly about his departure plans for the moment, he has just sent a big tackle to his leaders in a video posted on Twitter.

Kevin Durant trains with a coach fired by the Nets

Kevin Durant and his good friend Mike James are both training this summer, which comes as no surprise when you consider that the No.7 has already traveled to Monaco to watch his former team-mate’s matches. What is surprising, however, is the identity of their coach. Indeed, it is Adam Harrington, shooting specialist … who has just been fired by the Nets! On the side of the fans, it is misunderstanding.

KD is training with Harrington, the Nets are stupid to have fired lol Seriously… what was the point?

Kevin Durant is still training with his shooting coach Adam Harrington in Los Angeles, he was fired by Sean Marks this summer.

Kevin Durant did not never expressed clearly on his trade request, but this exit is still quite explicit. By training with a man recently fired by Sean Marks, KD shows his disapproval of his management.



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